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Four seven care, and but my parents, don't like we don't want a nurse in our house like all the hours a day that will have an nursery comes in from eleven PM to seven AM the night shift ner, and then we have one who works from seven to three. And then my mom takes like, the the evening shift so tech. So like in my eyes, she's a stay at home, but technically she's working through this nursing agency. So she works like basically full fulltime job. And we've had so many problems in the past with like nurses, calling off at the last minute. And so my mom won't have to like pick up more shifts so stuff like that. So she technically has been trained and is compensated as a nurse through the company that is contracting to do that. Wow. Yeah. She's like fragrance if you have any did go to college or anything, but it's more like home care aide like that type of thing. Wow. So that's my mom. That's a that's one hell of a story. That is one hell of a store you can it is rare at this point in doing this show that I get stopped in my tracks. But I thought we were just talking about a job interview for spring, internship, and you have managed you have managed to. Throw me a loop in a way that has blown away. Yeah. It's like, I'm really casual about it. Because like I said I've grown up with it. My whole life in school like in all our religion. Classes was one thing. You're great before. Or what something that seems negative but you can play in positive lights. I've been talking about this forever. And so Novick deal to me, but I can see how it might be a little bit of a shock. Well, let me. Took two to loop this background. I will say something, very heartfelt and honest, which is that at least in my experience and granted I work in an industry where by definition, you just gotta go and figure it out for yourself and improve that you can do. But I think I've gotten blustery on the show before about like oh school is for the birds, and that's just all rooted in my own bed experiences. But I will say I think I think in any industry I'd have to imagine down to engineering where everything you do have to have an immense amount of technical knowledge and book smarts in training. I still think there's something said for any. Any job in the world. The one thing that they can't ever teach. You is how to be a real human being in the world and deal with real life. And I gotta say. That you've dealt with more real life than probably anyone else of your. I would have to anybody else going on. These interviews. And. I think anybody worth their salt who's interviewing you is going to sense that would be really lucky to have you. Because the fact that you're like, no, I'm used to my family takes care of each other. It's thing we've dealt with just shows that you have a great head on your shoulders, and that you really. Really raised right in the face of stuff. That anyone's definition is is really tough. And I think anybody would be lucky to have you. I hope that you go into it with that confidence. Thank you. My mom heard that she would be like. She'd be so like grinning ear to ear and be like, yeah. See on pretty good mom. She she likes to brag like that. She has for someone like you say. Yeah..

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