Three Months, Nine Months discussed on Mark Levin


About names scrub we all we need all of their names to scrub and we should give them hours for the same purpose struck his emailing to page with regard to an article about paul manafort and supposed connections with overseas clients now this is the day after the president has one it's the morning after the election and you would think they'd be focused on transition you instead the very top of the fbi the deputy assistant director for counterintelligence peter struck his boss is engaged in some of these emails as the deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe at the time and they're talking about scrubbing there is going to this is a confidential informants in getting any information they could any scrub of data they could about all these names that were in this paul manafort stories the day after the election again this weird symbiosis a leak story about something alleging wrongdoing by trump trump's people and then an fbi reaction element says though there in synchronicity right that is leaking and then someone is taking action based on the leak and i think we now know we don't know for sure that at least one leaf was used to support a faisal warrant a leak to the news organization was used to support the warning against carter page now i think investigators looking at this body are wanting is this a cycle do they li so they can take action and create reality that they react to so that they can get further and deeper into the trump campaign yeah i think you're right john solomon and one other aspect of this exchange november tenth peter struck writing to lisa page i suggested we need to exchange our entire lists as we each have potential derogatory c i info the other doesn't means confidential informants at this point we only know of stefan helper as a confidential informant or a spy depending on your perspective doesn't this suggest and verified that there were many more if they have to get their list together very possible you may have see i that will work man of course as we know that for a period of time steel christopher steele who wrote the dirty dossier he himself had been treated as a confidential informant until he was fired for inappropriate contact with the media so they're they're currently talking about scrubbing multiple informants but here's probably the most jarring thing and it has to be familiar with the fda approved how rare this is normally the senior leadership to the fbi aren't scrubbing names and they are reaching out to i that's the work of counterintelligence in the field but for some reason this investigation was pulled out of the field and run by a small group of people who currently have some political expression text messages antitrump expressions and they're basically running the day to day operation even doing the grunt work that fbi agents don't be doing the field and they're supposed to be supervisors it's a red flag to anyone who has looked at these documents in the last month at something amiss was going on this is not what normally goes out and the fbi counterintelligence agents in the field in moscow in london do the work you don't you don't you aren't doing a headquarters and i think that's another flag that this investigation was not running away most investigation johnson add to that the fact that normal procedures somewhat argue a legal procedures would be to every three months at the bare minimum every three months to report these kinds of investigations these kind of investigations to congressional oversight to the gang of eight and we know for a fact that they went nine months without reporting this investigation it all right john solomon great stuff about real fast and we got to let you go but what's next year this is still in the hands of an inspector general he's got other things but then what about the congressional and senate panels who were looking at this well to the big day because there's a possibility that stroke will be forced or compelled to show up that day and take the fifth or answer questions if he chooses in public i think the most important thing that's going on behind the scenes the.

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