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Tacitus, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast


Not that Brady is put away jovial. But here come Texan tests with their runs three quarters in one eleven point four six and they're into the stretch, and here comes Texan and the two of them are right together as they come to the pool. Bloodshot math wizard is run a big when he's third outside cats outside on the rail and. Foale its second on the inside of come down to the high Celtics third late. It is Tacitus and the what memorial tax was second. Hi Powell was third. Matt lizard was fourth in one fifty one point two three. Welcome back to the coin forum that was Larry Coleman on the call of the Wood Memorial. Tacitus made a big move forward in his career in that race. I thought he looked very sharp winning. And he's definitely a major player this afternoon. In the Kentucky Derby, we had forty two people so far vote in our equine foreign poll of the day who was the most impressive winner on Kentucky oaks day. Concrete rose has twelve percent MacKenzie has thirty three percent world of trouble. Twenty one percent and Syrian Getty. Empress is the leader at thirty four percent. So if you haven't voted yet, go to Twitter or Facebook and put your vote in. We'll see what happens who you thought was the most impressive winter on Kentucky oaks day. Well, you know, Bill Maat is hall of fame trainer. And he is. Never won the Kentucky Derby, he's seeking that first Kentucky Derby score. He's got two chances this year. Tacitus who you just heard be ridden by Jose Ortiz and country house in by Flavian Pratt and country houses a horse. That's been doing very well in the mornings at Churchill Downs. He's flying under the radar. He's going to be a big price in you may want to include him on your exotic tickets. He's got a better chance than you might think. So Mike and Kurt we're able to catch up with Beaumont this week, and and talk about his two entrance and how they're coming up to the race and what's happening in their lives. And here's that interview right now. You and I were just talking about the possible pay scenario in the Kentucky Derby in a horse like country house may be coming from further back, but a horse like Tacitus ideal trip for him. If you could write the script for that race. Well, you'd hope you get the ideal trip. I mean, there's a lot of traffic problems in the German. I don't think you can prepare for it. You know, really perfectly. I don't think you can you know, map out a map out a trip. I think that's that's what develops from the gate opens. I mean, there's so many different things that can happen. You know horses. Breaking good breaking bad, you know, in everybody's kind of fighting for position. So it's gotta be you know, you got to hopefully, gotta rider that can glide into the right spot. And and, you know, get a good trip around the first turn..

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Tacitus, Kentucky Derby, Kentucky discussed on The Horse Racing Radio Network Podcast

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