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Gonna do you wrong out of the gate. You just have to pay more attention. I mean look part of this game is putting titles in the environment and sort of you know basically being like. Don't talk to that guy or don't go in this event but then there is also outside of the narrative based stuff. There is sort of like quality of life advice. The will sort of say to you and be like hey. Don't play this game like you're never going to be here again. 'cause you will you'll have the opportunity to to see this area again and that's the key the cool thing. Is that the game. E every map that you visit in this game is is gated in a sort of you know way that you wouldn't need to explore a certain area until you realize oh i didn't realize there is this thing in this area i can now explore this and it makes sense and meshes along with the with the kind of like structuring. That they're trying to lay out for you. It is it it does feel experimental in a really kind of satisfying way Especially if you are just looking for something that's just fucking different and new. Like i do i do. I am able to scratch that ish with this game for sure. And i think that's probably the biggest reason why i like it so much and it's weird funky world. It's it's it's it's a strange place that they've created for sure. Do they give you like the you know. You're going after these targets. The visionaries like do they do a good job of setting up who these people are why they matter or or like do they give them enough personality to where you feel like you mentioned. Kill bill and the thing i keep thinking about is like all of those targets had a thing and fleshed it out a little bit and made and you know through various degrees but like do they make these characters feel human in a way that makes them feel like fully fleshed out or is it just like i'm the sword man. I'm double gun like per. Yeah right just you know. Do they feel like they have like meaningful personalities so without flirting too much with what they don't wanna talk about a talking. About part of understanding everything is going through the The sort of linear aspect of of what. This game is an as you do that. I think a lot of those answers. Those questions get answered. So so i have not felt a deep sense of absence with that kind of exposition But but you know people will play this game in different ways so You know in my for the first five hour playthrough that i did i failed a mission that the game was very much like do this do it do it do it right now. And you're just like all right. Well i'm trying to review this game so stop talking to me like that game. I need to play this thing and get to this spot so okay so we have another visitor again. We're talking about death. Poop and i'd say tapes in-depth poop. Yeah i think like. I wish i did that thing. Having gone back and did that again and realize like oh. This is what you know you you need to. Please don't push that was here but thank you so i wish i wish i got to that part and having gone back i realized why that game push me in that direction and then you realize like oh you can. It unlocks a thing that changes the play for you. But you don't have to do there. Is that sort of freedom there for sure. Oh that's pretty neat south a couple of weeks. I love gain stuff so surprise. It's still coming out this year. crime. Now i mean. I don't know what i'll say this like inouye. Did i get to the point where i was like. Oh this needed more time. Do you know what i mean like. I didn't get that five and that gives me a lot of Sort of conflict urging yeah definitely encouraging for sure. But but i but. I'm absolutely digging it and i can't wait to i. I'm i'm also not at the point where i can even even wrap my head around what the end of this thing is going to be like. So that's cool too. you know. Nice what else they had that. Call of duty beta over the weekend. I briefly looked at that thing. It was their new mode that they've been Loosely promoting as part of the big reveal of all their different stuff called. I believe champion hill. And it's like it's like a two two mode with multiple teams to basically so it's like to be to team death match. That is set. So it's it's a it's a map. Where they hub in the middle where occasionally all players will be there to make purchases like a counterstrike match or something really. Oh or like war zone or something. I'm going to run station going to buy a gun. I'm going to buy this perk. I'm gonna buy some additional armor. Whatever and you don't you don't fight in that zone. And then a timer will pick down and it will take basically The list of teams seven teams however many teams. It is Say the Somewhere in the neighborhood of of saturday somewhere in that zone it will take two teams matched them up and say okay go fight and all the teams go off into different spokes of the map. Where you've got like here's what area they don't really intermingle. You're just like oh. Here's these smaller areas where you can have these two two fights and you have a certain number of responds before your team is eliminated you can earn them by taking them for other players from other teams that sort of stuff and so you just kind of fight for a while and then whatever happens happens you lose lives you gain lives and whatever and then you off to the next round and then you're either spawned into another area against the different team or sometimes you'll end up with another by round retake the money earned by playing and go back in and and spend your your money on on upgrades and that.

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