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Crime story impeachment which come on september seventh if i if i run my dates correctly. Here's my big takeaway from the abundance of trailers at they have released for this in the last three weeks. Really like quite a push. So and i think i'm starting to get the feeling like this is going to be an american story o. Oj simpson moment. Where i think we're going to revisit a lot of the stuff from the clinton impeachment monica etc. But i have a question about all these trailers. We still haven't gotten a significant amount of time with clive owen. His bill clinton which leads me to believe. They're either sitting on marlon brando in the godfather level performance or marlon brando. Doctor moreau level performance. Like it's it's going to be one or the other that is definitely a take and you may right. I choose to think about it slightly differently. Which is they have two things one. It's very very hard. I mean presidential performances especially in this era are almost uniformly imitations right and it's distracting to be like oath. He's just like bill clinton. Yeah whatever Falco place. Hillary clinton like i think it was a smart move to minimize them in the trailer because immediately becomes about. Wow clive owen. Doing a great job being bill clinton sure in it's distracting from the show. They wanna tell. I think the second piece of it is the from my understanding of it. The reason to tell the story about something that you know obviously isn't fresh and a lot of people's minds but i for people of our age our generation certainly is. Is it for. Sarah paulson to win more awards. That's going to happen. But i think it's more to tell the story of the monica lewinsky and linda tripp and people who were actually the prime movers of this. That shook the firmament that the much larger figures were resting

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