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Dual always coming in. We got another special guest who has been on the show. Now not once not twice but three times a charm ma boy tracks. Nyc tracks was good bro. Same shit bro. Just the you know beefing warring and trying to make an honest dollar row thing. I'm always doing. You'll never like amac. Call you on the phone when we're talking to you. But what do you prefer maqsoud tracks. Maqsoud is is my name. You know what i'm saying. But i i really don't have a press by my mind's been twisted came to this country. I was mike sued and it was max now. I'm tracks. it doesn't fucking matter. Well look i'm glad to have you back. I know we're supposed to do this last week. And then when in the heat of all this craziness or whatever but you know what. Now that things have marinated. They've laid cut a you know i could get more of an honest feeling from you. Genetics in the heat of the moment. You know you go so crazy and then when things settle down a little bit if you still feel a certain way it's real you know and feeling that this is still real but it is before we get into that real quick. How are you bro. i'm all right man. I took a week off a work to be honest with you again Pushing myself seventeen years. I was exhausted. I was actually writing an electric scooter. And i'll be. I'll be completely honest. I was high and i was drunk. I was racing motorcycles. Scooters fast it goes sixty miles an hour. The five yup. It's dual tron ultra to. I flew off their shit after blasting past his motorcycle. Three blocks all green likes flew off as it hit the fucking sidewalk and i could have been dead bro. I could have been dead. But instead yup i you know like a sickening crunch in my bags I landed right a more or less. i didn't hit. My head wasn't wearing a helmet. I hit it a little bit. Yup i got. I got fucked up over the. I couldn't even walk the next day. But i i got up. I'm near ninety five percent. The healed now luckily by the grace of god he'll quick and that's that but that they gave me a a moment to really reevaluate. Because i was pushing myself to the extreme. What happened was and even what we're going to discuss. Played a major part in it. Might tension is so fucking high. I can't let go accelerator row. I want to travel time. You know what. I'm saying. Only wanna go fast and i can't fuck in legal the accelerator at you know. It's like a birthday party at the office. I was drinking. And you know. Like i lost my voice screaming because of this fucking guy and i couldn't really smoke because i got sick. I lost my voice. My whole immunity was shot. And i took a fucking edible instead and that also played a major fact because when i look back you know it was nighttime like midnight queens boulevard green lights and what i remember is just flying like an eagle more or less for like three seconds until i just crashed on the sidewalk. You'll my socks flew off my fucking. Somebody created handed me. My sock and i was fucking limpid on my right leg goes. I couldn't stand on my left. And i wrote home and passed out. It was what it was. I could have been dead but the you know now i got kinda take it easy but this thing is people won't let me take it easy. This is a society and a generation that is failing. It's got the wrong fucking heroes and it's you know it's failing i'm watching this and it's hard to be a decent person You know in in an environment such as this would all these low-life grindley fucking people. You know egotistical self centered uncaring. You knew it doesn't matter where you look whether you look on social media or in afghanistan. It's the same shit you just see failure and negligence so you know like my head. Is that these things that i've been pushing myself to to build a castle. You know businesses a castle right ifm co or tracks nyc or what have you is a castle to protect you and people you care about from the problems of the world. It's an economic castle. And i spent a lot of time building this castle and that could have been dead and not even enjoyed a fucking moment of. It's i'm really deeply thinking about that. That's pretty much. we're on good. Bro listened reflection a very good exercise. I agree with everything you've said. The world is going to shit There needs to be better guidance. max holiday again. I forgot both turned thirty. Five in september okay. So you're still a kid still young young man and you still have very good values. I feel like a lot of the reason why i spoke about it on on my last episode in the past few episodes a lot of the reason why are the world's going shit because there has been an era of people that were raised without a father mother. Anything that just put them in check. Dna music too much bullshit right. There's just no and some people don't have commonsense so it's just when you mix bolt it just a bad situation and people out running amok times or two good bro times or two. Good people. don't appreciate the problem. They know us rock bottom. You know nineties eighties They started printing money. Everyone got rich. Everyone got richer everything became about money. religion was push style than morals pushed out. Everything was degraded degraded degraded. Now you live in a society where a really money is is the way people perceive god in essence you know they worship money and that's the problem that's not away You know to to run a society. That's going to lead to catastrophe like with this virus or whatever the ranchers just fucked up. We got global warming all kinds of shit. But you know what i just. I entered the show my intro. My last show. I said social media is now considered currency fucked up. That is is fucking silly motherfucker. You either have more followers than have actual money like you rather have five million followers then have five million dollars fucked up. You must be in the head anyways. Well listen innocence. One follower in the equated between ten cents ten dollars right depending on who they are if they're a bunch of You know fools but you could still monetize even them. It's just a matter of how you monetize that but people don't even understand with fuck. Monetization is or how to conduct business so we should just forget about. Trust me. i get question. Let's remind a little bit right. What is tracks nyc..

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