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Four eight percent for up to forty eight months. Our dog poll question today in the voting is taking place at secure some price as per usual on twitter. Raskin you who'll be at canucks training camp patterson hughes neither or both that is now the next sort of deadline pressure points in these negotiations between the two great stars and the front office led by jim. Benning bog is your source of free casino games poker strategy and sports odds and we're both sort of of the opinion jeff that it sounds like elias has wrapped his head around a bridge deal. If that's the case likely to be done before training camp he's coming off the injury so he's probably a little more anxious to get on the ice be with his teammates. Elias is a situation that we can see resolve by camp. But if that's the case then maybe that opens the capacity for a long term deal for quinn. Who's more money wore term and do the super agents involved here. Jp barry and pat bristle really pushed the fear of loss on queen hughes on the vancouver knox and i say this ingest but i think there's an element of sincerity in it as well that we know that the three brothers spent a ton of time together. I'm sure training here. In the off season together. As jack leaves for devils camp and luke goes back to. The university of mayor goes to the university of michigan. They're gonna leave poor. Quit all by himself. But quinn's gonna get a little hang out with trevor awake boardings that we've got friends right now. We're gonna have to go to work as well. Yes the hockey world is gonna leave quinn behind. I think he'll get a little antsy for think so that works in their favor. You say that in jess jeff. We we We learned this during the oh four. Oh five lockout. There's some hockey players who were like. I just wanna play hockey. Sure it's as simple and.

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