North Summerlin, England, Cadillac discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour


That this doesn't sound cheap and that it looks deliberate and visually looks decent how did you guys come up with the name because it sounds like like at an aristocrat from like you know North Summerlin in England or something like Warby Parker yeah we have injected that the hardest thing that we did in those early days was set on a name that all four of us like to think we still have our spreadsheet of over two thousand names that we tested on our very patient friends yeah too early check Carolina characters that Dave actually discovered when he went to the New York Public Library exhibit on Cadillac and to the characters were Warby pepper and Zach Parker and that's and now everybody that joints were B. Parker on their first day on their desk they get copies dharma bums a lot of other goodies that's the element for B. Parker after the break Neil and co founder Dave Gilboa will talk about moving that well thought out business plans of paper and into the real world I'm guy rise and you're listening to how I built this from NPR I'm Stephen up there on the next Freakonomics radio what is the best immediate response you can omit damage done by the novel coronavirus this is the time to write unconditional checks in in the sphere of lockdowns in very close quarters does familiarity really brief contempt and if so what can we do about the.

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