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I don't think you can mention Benz goal without mentioning the Nishi as junior the man is God damn name, more rain corn. It the run that he had to supply Benza with the assist was jaw-dropping fucking gut wrenching goddamn dick rising fucking beautiful by that eighteen year old Brazilian I came in from the left. He schooled two defenders before cutting completely across the box. Drawings three defenders to him and letting Benz modules chill right at the edge of the eighteen where he laid off in Ben's got a rocket packs, a axes young keeper. So I I think that you're right. When you say the squad is peaking at the exact right time and when Rao Madrid peaks, they peak hord, I especially the fact that they have initiates just jumping. Right in the game in immediately up to speed both in the Champions League. And in law Lita is a huge plus for them. I thought it was a risk to buy him for so much money for someone so young, but it's already paying dividends. He looks like the real thing. And you know, what bail is doing well as as as well as he can he might be suspended for twelve games in laud Ligo. But that's beside the point. But. Irrelevant relevant. That's we're talking Champions League. We don't care about legal right now. Fuck law legal fuck law. Kidding? I like Liga. So it's okay. But I think we got we got to argue this VAR decision because I disagree with the decision. I disagree with the VA or decision. I think I think it was a subjective coal by the referee. And I don't don't think. Calls that are subjective should be reviewed. So that includes handballs goalie interference, which I thought was the big thing with this VAR. I realized that. Yeah, he was all sides. But at that point in my mind, again, if you are basically tied in off sides and just her hand is all sides. You're on the fuck side. You're good. You're all right. So my biggest thing while looking at this was the goalie interference. And I thought that was a subjective. Call I don't like that it went to VA or I do not agree with the result of VAR came up with however as much as I am a conspiracy. Theorist I do not think that that. Roger it had anything to do with this whole little offsides goal. Yeah. I I get what you're saying. And this is always going to be the debate with the A R when it's like if it goes either way, I'm on the stand that if in go either way give it to the offensive side because not only does it, you know, it should benefit the attackers benefits the fans more scoring. I think is better. Call me. Crazy. I think more scoring is better for the sport. So yeah, I in Courtois again, just what are what do you do in lead? What do you? I just I I don't know what happened to Courtois or whatever voodoo he's been put under while going back to Spain. But like Jesus do get your shit together. Like, what do you like I feel like I need to have a sit down him. Like, do you? Do you need the talk like what's going on? I think I really do Diego. Simione put some black magic on him for betraying Athletico Madrid outgoing Real Madrid. Oh, real quick. Dig sim signed an extension till twenty twenty one twenty two with co. So he ain't even that's his home in that bad cave. It's wolf Wall Street, I'm not fucking leaving not going anywhere. So 'cause every year he's always in the manager fuck in what's it called win meal? Windmill or merry go round. Like who? Oh diego. Simione could go somewhere. They do is a lifelong let it go. He's going to win that Champions League. He is going to win that champions like one day. So. Man, dude after back to back to back to back but consecutive, I don't feel so bad got Sergio Romo says the bastard, man. Thank you, Charlie Charlie Kelly. But all right. Anymore? Any got anything else Vigia junior?.

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