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But i don't really know if that's true you know i mean. Was that her wishful thinking that she could see them. That's what she needed. The you know i just. I don't know that one's That was. It's a hard one because it the grief i think does really really push that in there but you know i mean we also know the white house has a lot of spirits a lot of energy so i guess i don't know for sure So what would you say for your rating As far as this being a paranormal thing. I'm gonna give it a zero but as far as satisfying a need that she had. I would go all the way to attend for that. Uh-huh definitely did share. I'm i'm going to give it a four four you know. I mean i'm and allow for the possibility that maybe she saw something But i don't know that holly yeah okay. Now we're not done with the lorries though this one to me is a little more compelling all right good good. This one doesn't actually involve mary so much as abe. So nettie colbourne maynard was I know was Either with the lorries or their daughter. I think something like that. She was a part of the the laurie group So she wrote a memoir called. Was abraham lincoln spiritualist published in eighteen ninety one. She claims that it was nettie herself who acted as the medium for this particular sands Not mrs laurie or bell. Who were the traditional ones. churn This is the evening of february fifth. Eighteen sixty three When president lincoln accompanied his wife to one of the lorries popular stances. When lincoln asked the spirit she had channeled about the current situation regarding the war she writes. He received the following reply. That is a very precarious. State of things existed. Sorry that a very precarious state of things existed at the front. Where general hooker had just taken. Command of army was totally demoralized regiment stacking arms refusing to obey orders or to do duty threatening a general retreat. Declaring their purpose was to return to washington. Vivid picture was drawn of the terrible state of affairs greatly to the surprise of present. Save to the chief to whom the words were addressed when the picture had been painted in vivid colors. Mr lincoln quietly remarked. You seem to understand the situation. Can you point out the remedy. The remedies suggested was that he go to the front in person taking with him his wife and children and avoiding the high grade officers seek out the tens of private soldiers and inquire to their grievances and other words. He should show himself to be.

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