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And I was growing up my mother. Father N- family members said. Don't get in trouble. Don't get any way I got in trouble. I got any way. It was necessary trouble for John. Louis trouble meant sitting at a lunch counter designated for whites. Only it meant leading a peaceful march over a bridge and getting brutally beaten for it it meant serving as chairman of the student nonviolent Coordinating Committee. It meant going to jail forty times for believing giving that America should not be segregated and that African Americans ought to be able to vote. It meant helping to organize the nineteen sixty the three march on Washington and at the age of twenty three sharing the podium with Dr Martin Luther King Jr.. We are tired of being policemen. We're pot of lockup in jail and all the all the inpatient how long can yeah. We mean we won't greet them and we want in a little over two decades later. John John Lewis returned to Washington DC as congressman. He is represented the Fifth District of Georgia ever since for seventeen seventeen terms representative Lewis. Who was seventy nine years old record? This episode recently announced that he has stage four pancreatic cancer in a written statement. He said I have been in some kind of fight for freedom. Equality basic human rights for nearly my entire life. I have never faced a fight quite like the one I have now as you listen. Listen to him here telling his life story to the Academy of Achievement in two thousand four. I think you'll agree that it is difficult to imagine him ever being undefeated by anyone or anything John Lewis standard-bearer for justice and equality is our guest on this episode episode of what it takes a podcast about passion vision and perseverance from the Academy of Achievement..

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