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Welcome back, Donna and Steve on my talk One of 71 everything. Entertainment producer John McClane also hanging with us for this last segment of the hour. If you see something, say something. Oh, that is catchy, huh? Continue time for if you see something, say something with Donna and Steve, If you see something, Say something Come on, and party tonight painting, dude. Hey, do that. Do you guys are on the body? No budding. No when we come back from break down and let's do this hind story. Okay. Hey, everybody. We're back. Welcome back, everybody. Hey, you know what I want to tell you about? No. What's that Steve story about Hinds Heinz Like the catch. You know the ketchup company by the way, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Where I grew up. Thanks for never asking about all of this work. Oh, yeah, anyways Heinz Canada, who knew they had one Just launched a petition because they saw something, and they said this must change. They went to change dot org to force companies to sell hot dogs and hot dog buns. In equal amounts. Amen to that. Let your brother preach. Hey, have you do you remember this? This scene from Steve Martin and your favorite movie? Father of the bride. Do you remember it? Steve? Are you going to play the scene? Are you just asking me? What is this moment I pulled up. I have a hot Heinz hot dog pack. Oh, you do that. Okay. I had to ST Maarten Cloquet, complaining about the babies complain about the hot texts about the bombs and the hot dogs and he gets really mad. Well, here's the thing. Here's why Heinz Canada is met. Because hot dogs tend to come in 10 packs. The buns usually come in eight packs, and they think 10 should be the new standard. For both now. For what it's worth. There is a reason behind the mismatch Hot dog company started selling them in 10 packs in the 19 forties. Just because it's a nice round number. Consumers like no, and they were getting 10. But Bun companies sell eight packs because the standard pan that they've always baked them in fits four funds, Paro Mm. These days. They also have pants that fit five, though, So there is reason for this change to finally happen. So you grab a pack of hot dogs. Okay, you grab a pack of buns, and it's the perfect match. Awesome. I love it. Here's the scene. The hot dogs are sold in packages of 10. While there are eight months to one back, What am I gonna do with true leftover does make it make sense? Make it make sense to me. I want the number of dogs in the gun. Will be the It's not remember that one for father of the bride right After further the bride. It's under stupid news. This is also under stupid news. Hot dog tax. You know, Donna, I'm sorry to think you're making this up because only video that I see in there. Maybe we're looking at.

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