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Lead on the road against Mississippi State, just before halftime Virginia Tech on the road leading Duke seventeen seven early second Kentucky, a ten three lead at home against South Carolina. And after a lengthy lightning delay there. Now at halftime Auburn on top of southern miss fourteen to three elsewhere Michigan. Overcame a seventeen nothing deficit to knock off northwestern. Twenty two seventeen Texas dropped Kansas state nineteen fourteen Georgia pulled away from Tennessee. Thirty eight twelve central Florida. Breeze past pit forty five. Fourteen McKenzie Milton threw for four touchdowns and ran for two more time ranked Alabama hammered louisi- Louisiana, Lafayette, fifty six fourteen despite the blow out though, Nick Sabin far from satisfied disappointed that we didn't play better with the second defense when they went in there for more than a quarter of the game have too many guys on that group that really have to learn how to compete they have to learn how to prepare swear number three. Clemson overcame a ten point fourth quarter deficit to knock off. Syracuse twenty seven Twenty-three with new starter. Trevor Lawrence on the sidelines with a possible concussion fellow freshman chase bracelet a thirteen play ninety four yard scoring drive culminating the game winning touchdown with forty one seconds left twelve Frank West Virginia, Trump number twenty five Texas Tech forty to thirty four Kyle Murray threw for four hundred thirty two yards and six scores as Oklahoma blew past Baylor sixty six thirty three and Michigan state had little trouble with central Michigan. Thirty one twenty taking a quick look at baseball. The cardinals slip past the cubs two to one but the dodgers clinched a playoff berth and eliminated Saint Louis with a ten six win over the giants. Meanwhile, top of the fifth in Milwaukee Brewers have taken a five three lead on the Tigers. Milwaukee comes in trailing Chicago by a half game in the central. Meanwhile, bottom one at Coors field. The nationals have to nothing lead on the Rockies Colorado leading Los Angeles by a half game in the west. And it's Europe with a ten six lead over the United States heading into the final day of the forty second Ryder Cup. I'm john. Fan scrapped the honeydew list..

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