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Yeah yeah yes. So it's like a it's a misdirection of what god had called people to do because it definitely. This seems different doesn't it. Then they predate like the pre-flood sin right like it's not what's happening here doesn't feel the same like that seemed to be widespread like more interior. That was playing out. And maybe some sexual sin or maybe some unrighteous or immorality. This is bad but it's a different kind of sinful rebellion like it doesn't it doesn't feel it feels more like the garden to me. Although i much different landscape than it does like right before the flood. Well and so there's yeah and the the we've talked about this. I think when we were doing the samuel exegesis about how the text the writer will expand and contract his his audience and actually see it in. The book of acts also sits fairly commonly done where you see. This is what's happening with two people or one person and then it takes you out to end. This is what's happening with everyone and so right here. We're seeing an expansion of our view so we started in in the garden with two humans who rebelled against god. And now what do we see. We're seeing that that expansion which we've actually seen previously. We saw it in the time of no as well where where humanity is now you nineteen. It's a corporate attempts to become like god instead of an individual attempt like we saw in the garden and that's that's concerning and I'm borrowing from one of my favorite commentaries. There's a commentary by bill arnold on On genesis and he says the tower of babel shows us that all human language has become a language of disobedience And i think that's what we're supposed to take from. This is that the it's it's not that the it's like and here's the deal. We wanna look at them and go morons you know what a pack morons But but anytime that we are bending our efforts to to exalt ourselves utilizing the very gifts that god has given us to glorify him. We're just like them. And our language becomes the language disobedience no matter how grand it sounds or or if we even even if our words are saying that christ is lord When we exalt ourselves against him by taking the gifts we've been given and using them to build were. We're doing the same thing. We're on the plane of shinar bricks and that's really good said behold there one people they all have one language and this is only the beginning of what they will do nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come let us go down may not And they're in confused their language so that they may not understand one another's speech now like let me just ask it like this and we know that the answer here is no but let me just ask. Question is god being cruel here to to squash their unified action. I mean like here. They are that people are mobilizing together. Now we know their motivation is wrong. And it's bad. Is this just like. I was talking with an agnostic friend of mine. This is probably a month ago and asked him. What's what's one of the most troubling passages in the bible for you. You already said this one. I was surprised by that. And i said why he won't. Because didn't guide create humans to do like great big things and like to build like. Why would god see that. They're doing something that seems like developmental. It seems like it's moving the ball forward and that he would then show up and not just like tell them hey changed course here but like judge them for this confused there languages like isn't god god of order and here he creates like they're trying to create order and he shows up in creates confusion and chaos. So is god just being cruel to do this. It's another creation account guys so it is judgment though it judgment. Yeah yeah you know. But i look at it as i mean. I remember reading this when i had small children. And just cracking up because you get to that part behold there one people and they have all one language and this is only the beginning of what they will do and i had four small children all at once and i remember walking into the living room one day and thinking this is the story of my life together in here. Plotting against this is why we send kids to time out and so god is. He's not he doesn't send another flood right he could have it up the plane shinar no way covenant die so just as we said he doesn't he doesn't say i will never judge again and he's right that's right yup and i think it's important to understand that what i told that guy that day is. This is a story where eventually what happens. What happens is that eventually god does bring all of the people all of his people together again in a heavenly city where they are together The judgment here is a judgment that god and acts against the wicked to do this on humanity's own terms but god is actually going to give his people this reality in the future on god's own terms a restored world where things are remade and renewed and so the story of the tower of babel should leave us going man. Wouldn't it be great if the world wasn't divided against itself. When did the great if we dwelt in unity and in harmony. Wouldn't it be great if we had one language and could be one people together and experience the world and all the beauty of the world together in unity but the reality is that what baba wanted was. They wanted that on their own terms. And god's it was like no. I'm not gonna give you that. I'm not going to give you this on your own terms but one day he will give us this reality right. Yeah yeah i do. I mean he's certainly the direction that this is heading. But i do think we're i think john's point is is well taken. We're meant to see creation de creation. And i mean you could even say like kingdom anti kingdom. I mean height of anti kingdom. We're not meant to like. I don't think you're saying this kyle. But i i just wanna be clear on this like we're not meant to see any good in genesis eleven. Know exactly. Yeah oh man yeah so. They're supposed they're kind of doing what they're supposed to do. Their in utter defiance and rebellion in genesis chapter eleven symptoms. Sometimes what we're supposed to do or maybe a better way to say. Sometimes disobedience can have aspects of looking like obedience which is a whole nother like a. There's a there's probably a book in your parenting or chapter. Your parents books jennifer there but like humanity is taking an element like there. Maybe a better way to save fraud like this is. This is the most fraudulent way to rob god of his glory in his honor in our acts of service and obedience as being his creatures. It in. some sense looks like we're doing we're supposed to do. We're yeah we're cultivating something. And we're building something. But i i i just want to say it's not just that their motivation was bad. Their actions are bad. Like what they are doing is the opposite of what they've been asked to do. In the cultural mandate not not a slight deviation. It is in direct contract contradiction to god's communes. Yeah the right action done for the wrong. Reason is still the wrong action. Yeah absolutely yeah. That's an or minutes to say that..

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