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Pat Mahomes, Tom Brady, Zell discussed on GSMC Football Podcast


All right and welcome back to the g smc football podcast we spent that first thing talking about pat mahomes patrick mahomes not wanting to take any endorsements until he proves himself out in the field it is a honorable decision but also naive when i will say that of course pat mahomes is old enough to make his own decisions all right but on the left i mean i don't know the fans will be happy about it the players will be laughing about it that's all it is to okay i think perhaps homes could be a good quarterback it's just a matter of now we gotta wait and see and speaking of good quarterbacks actually great quarterbacks actually probably best of all time quarterbacks we got tom brady all right you think tom brady is ever turned down in the doors i don't think so i wonder who is currently endorsed by okay and tom brady i don't even think needs endorsements at this point i feel like him in his wife zell do pretty well all right let's see where's tom brady at currently on the endorsements side of the field all right let's see i don't think he's like a big guy endorsement you don't really see tom brady too much you don't see tom brady too much as far as endorsements in commercials and all that let's see i think he's just sponsored by or endorse by under armour eggs and let's see what else is going to forms that see what we got going on forms what is forums house to tell us about is as far as tom brady and endorsements all right.

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Pat Mahomes, Tom Brady, Zell discussed on GSMC Football Podcast

GSMC Football Podcast 2 years ago

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