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Make a difference was just. It was all about that. We have a few minutes. Let's go rapid fire. Through some of the bud career highlights a first impression of tim duncan humble amazing not a good summer league player reaction in vantage point of the ray allen shot in game six of the twenty thirteen finals. Probably the the most painful shot. Although there's too. But i'll just i'll keep it one of the most painful shots moments In in in my basketball career. Coaching lives Just hard to believe That had happened to be that close and then to to not finish it That hurt what's the other one. Derek fisher point four. Oh yeah that's that was different different place different time not the finals serve but man those two shots boy those all those sober you up. Real quick much has been written about the spurs dinner after that game and The tone of it and pop going around to everybody and telling everyone like we got game seven. We've got a group here. I know we're paying. Let's all let's all eat together. Let's all be in the same room together. Whose table are you at. And what do you remember from that dinner. How i the coaches usually sat together. So i think you know usually it's mostly assistance and pop and you know you're you're you're eating talking about the game trying to figure things out you're trying to pick the spirit of the group up and pop works the room. And so. I'm sure i was with with you. Know brett brown and and the crew all of us that were there at that time and the and yeah you know i mean i guess some point you gotta pick yourself back up and you know gotta got thinking about know game salvadoran bad opportunity and i remember almost the dinner after game. Seven more So yeah those those those moments are you know. I think help form you. And you know like i said you gotta gotta kinda new forward and get ready kind of mentally emotionally. Start thinking you know can. Let's let's think about the next game. Get ready for that. Why don't you remember the game. Seven one more. Yeah as little my last. Bright brad and san antonio my my last time with that organization that team and john on a plane. The next morning You know to start to the post spurs life It was tough between game six and break bread same place and then you you you lose game seven Your your season's done and really It's it's time for me to move on so yeah that that break bread all it stands out to me well. Brett brown also left that off season. And i've asked him this before he left to go coach. The sixers you leave to go coach the hawks you watch the spurs comeback and avenged not avenge because it sounds mean but like rise up from one of the hardest defeats really in basketball history. And not just rise up but sort of reached. This crescendo of everything. We've been building toward as a team in an organization peaks the exact right time and we played this beautiful basketball in the miami heat of lebron james or overwhelmed by how. We're playing watching that from afar. Was there a party. there was like goddamn. I missed this. I mean. I'm so happy that i'm coaching the hawks that i missed this like i. Did you feel left out yeah. I don't know what the feeling was and i. I went to one of the games. I think i went to game was in san antonio the night where there was no air conditioning and the building was like just like a sauna and the basketball was just I think some of the most beautiful basketball. If you believe in bob movement people movement and you know all that stuff that i i do just so believe in it was. It was amazing and i. You don't feel left out. But you look like i think i was just blown away with how How great they play like. It was just they were clicking and just just amazing plants such high level and in the end to see how they approach the season the mission they were on the the drive the focus and it was just and then for it to culminate in this. Just you know really really really great basketball Yeah it was it. But you know i think to be a head coach and the body was the time and so it's very happy for them. and really just happy to see that kind of basketball being played on the court last one. And i'll let you go. And i wanted to end here. Because it puts the whole journey kind of into perspective. Somebody told me who is with your from very early. Spurs days said ask bud. Bob hill was the coach. When you got spurs now pop pop was the gm but who was the coach. Yeah said ask. But about after every game carrying bob hills briefcase and his suit jacket back to the bus. That was part of buds job in one thousand nine hundred whatever carrying bob bills. And that's not a bad thing about bob bill. That's just what let the low level video guys or whatever. You got the briefcase. You've got the suit. Jackie and remember that every game i was told is that right. There's some somewhere along there at some offensive edits defensive edits and you know film and you know it's like you said when you're with your bottom of the ladder. You're basically doing anything you can to try and help you know the the head i i. Would you know whether it's sued the briefcase at fell. I you kind of do everything. When you're an esl every video coordinators come through. This league knows what it's like to. You're you're doing everything and it's it's great because you get opportunities to whatever you're picking up knowledge guys upset. He's happy thinking about practice. The next day you know and add it what we gotta do. so yeah now you when your video guy especially back in those days and it's really hasn't changed at all you you literally are. You're taking a briefcase in the suit to boss or whatever it takes It's part of it's part of your journey And i i learned a ton You know. I think any video coordinator tell you. That's the best place in the world to start If you're going to be in the nba you starting a video road. You're gonna come out. You know. I think your knowledge is just It grows at the same level. Well now you're now. You're the head coach of the nba champions. You'll be the defending champions for at least a year or so a little less than a year. I guess here Well-deserved look at you and i have known each other a while we've had our back and forth over the years but those hawks teams have always had a special place in my heart. Obviously that spurs team is a basketball fan. Loved the spurs team and to see your bucks to see yanna. And chris middleton who. I wrote a big profile on a couple years ago. Interviewed you for it. Come from second round. Pick castaway in detroit to this Brook lopez had weird career path. J. tucker grind grinds and grinds and ends up drinking champagne. all his. it's it's it was a fun story of fun run and Really you know we cover this league. We gotta cover it hard and aggressively and and honestly but at the end. There is a good feeling in watching people who have committed their lives to the game reached reached the end of it reached the moment of ultimate glory. So i- heartfelt congratulations. It's well deserved. Get some downtime in the off season get right back at it because now everyone's going for you now. Yeah we'll we'll be back at it before you know it so three shaded zach fun to do this in three shit. You know all the your knowledge and it's good stuff. It's good for the league so glad we could do this. Thanks coach be well advocates summer..

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