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They're good yeah. I an and look You know we've got Niche met coming up from the winnipeg jetson. He'll talk to us about the improvements made on that blue line. Mike smith by the way still thirty nine. So i i just wrap that up the thing that i like about what edmonton has done. You know you talked about zack. Harman's contract you kidding. All in isn't worrying about zakheim contract right. He's he's trying to win a stanley cup. That's obviously what he's trying to do. And so the big question mark were were putting one is on goaltending. I think that mika koskinen is going to be better it sounds like he's in a better head space. You know feels more comfortable with the surroundings with his family and all of that if they get quality goal tending to him that takes some of the heat off. Might smith if they don't then kennedy's have to dig into his bag of tricks and come up with something at the at the trade deadline. I i gotta tell you right. I keep people keep telling me the anaheim. Ducks are in full rebuild He you know. So what do you not to derail the talk deeply anaheim but if john gibson is a man in play via trade than i think edmonton has got to be a team. That looks long and hard at john gibson between now and when the deadline yet you know what if they're in full rebuild. I'm going to go to comment. Dj smith gave was talking to gord miller and myself we were just getting ready for one of the preseason games and he says you know when you're rebuild really starts is when you trade your last good player and and what he meant by that was you know they were. Senators had offloaded a couple of players. And then they trade gabriel patio and he was kind of that last connect to win the senators really good in the in that when they went to the conference final. I think it was twenty seventeen. And he said when they traded pozo then. The rebuild starts. And i was like. Oh that's a really good point. It is now you're either in full rebuild. Or you're not if you're not you're dead you don't it's it seems to me if you're not in full rebuild and your team is very good. You're in job preservation mode. Let you you gotta go one way or the other. I'm going to be stuck in the middle. Let's rob headlines with a quick thought. And the your levy trait to the florida panthers by the vancouver canucks. Was this just obvious. Given you know the attention that you'll love brought to himself through camp or unrelated it just time. It was time i looked he just. There's a job wide open there. And he couldn't separate himself from brad hunt who has been a really good Like four a player. You know really good in the american league a good player in the nhl but nada an everyday player. You'll love the fifth pick in the draft..

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