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And a great pair of boots are only now two days away, Kelly Ripa. Yeah. Is going to be on Riverdale, which is big news for Riverdale fan 'cause Kelly ripa's great hump for this. I'm a little I'm pumped in my also a little sad because I think she's really only gonna be on like one episode. She obviously hosts a morning show every day like she can't exactly go to Vancouver and film a full television series. But she is going to be playing Mark. Consolo ses mistress like he plays higher Amara iron lodge Hiram is going to have a mistress. I think this is going to be some sort of like flashback situation, maybe in the past Hiram had a mistress. Her description is. That she's playing his character. Name is MRs Moulay, and she is confident and tough. She's a beautiful icy fem fatale who gets caught up in a conspiracy that's much bigger than she initially realized I'm excited for that. Especially because it's her husband to play the mistress for her husband, those to have such great chemistry is just like they married. It's just a little role play situation for them. It's probably hit the trailer. Right after they filmed this. That's what I'm thinking. It's going to get steamy. She's playing his mistress. So it's like a little different, you know, she gives you like the bad girl xactly like they're used to being married and right now it's going to Mark sneaking around with her which is probably as little excitement, Tony. And they're so adorable like on Instagram. They've always been very open with supporting each other. And how much they love each other. They make you know, funny sexual jokes sometimes with each other. I've always said we've always said like saying couples are goals is annoying. But like these two they are actually goes and they're beautiful and they've been married for twenty two years. Doesn't happen. A lot in Hollywood that doesn't. They were married kits two or three goods. I think three props to them. Yeah. Because you don't really see that their son Michael who's twenty one is going to be on the show tonight. He's playing a young version of Hiram which is perfect because they literally look exactly, and it's his son. Yeah. So like a son of role in Riverdale, this is they look exactly the same. Oh, they do. Yeah. Like, she does he has like nothing from Kelly Ripa. He just looks like a clone of Marcus. Yeah. So that's great. He's going to be making his debut. Kelly ripa's going to be involved whole fam- is on Riverdale. And she the the picture that she posted. She has like this to say that she was going to be the show. She has like it looks like a crop to be honest. Like that looks like a crop. Yeah. I'm kind so. Yeah. Begin this looks teammates kink also their son who's going to be on Riverdale tonight. His he's. On private and only three hundred thirty followers the for him. It's not crazy. It's like you don't really see that they more like seeing an actor or actress and you click their Instagram. They're usually followers not only lets his real friends. Follow him. Yes. It's crate rarity. It is very very rare. These days I feel like I didn't work here at my mind scramble still be private because. Mine was for a while. I was for a little while laws an intern in the night to change it. Yeah. I change it like a few months in probably two months, and then I took it off private, but I'm like them only three hundred and thirty followers. He's on private. He's probably getting a million requests now. But I'm sure they come flooding in. Oh, yeah. Constantly. I mean, he is their son. Yeah. Very I'm very excited. I just I hope somehow they can make Kelly's character appear in more than one episode. That would be fun because I don't understand. How one episode is total showing exactly not what what is he gonna just cheat? Once you know, like it's his mistress. Yeah. There'd be a lot of flashbacks. There can be. I said they should bring her to the present..

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