Massachusetts, Baker Baker Administration discussed on Boston Herald Radio


Have to the amendment was played restrictions on working with their creating our businesses and you know ten an agency that i think sort is of out of control ripping families apart and making a real difference in terms of the approach the governor wants to take on working with with ice i think there's no real difference in healthcare we want to move towards a single payer healthcare system in this governor wants to kick people off of match health and doesn't support single payer healthcare so i think that there are a lot of areas where we'd like to be a lot more aggressive you know i think that we want more revenue on the table and we're not afraid to say thank millionaires ought to pay a little bit works we'll have the resources to invest in translation at an education that we have a governor who's not willing to put in the resources were while our infrastructure is crumbling the keys not working the bridges need massive repair wanted people coupled to work and i think that the solution to some of the problems is going to have more revenue that something that the baker baker administration said that they don't want you're talking about higher taxes what kind of fire for people at the very top of being comes back from the opposite of what the trump administration just did him in the trump administration just past you know a bill for my perspective is outrageous it takes from the poorest catholic states like massachusetts in order to have a giveaway to the very members at our site some of the richest corporations and that's really turbo charging one of the great social social policy challenges our time with rising inequality i think it's just yeah the richer getting they turn this economy and the rest of us are people are having trouble making eaten i think it's really important that we have tax policies where we know we raise the revenue that we need to invest in the city really going to help our economy and i'm not talking about things that are just as i'm talking about things that are actually going to help grow economy so we've got rumblings predation infrastructure will people can't get to work where people can get to school that's can have a really serious long term economic impact and it's gonna make the entire state we wanna continue to.

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