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Yeah and they're gonna be singing tonight at on broadway rock topi and rock topi with the blue danube wore walls where's the strangest place you've heard it come up and heard it sung or used to say in the but now i'm sorry that's why from the bud thank you some people know that whole story the strangest like oh okay we got the call many years ago that a women's premenopausal medication wanted to us we're not gonna take it and i like are you raking kidding me this is my art this is how much we're we're gonna take what does this do they said well you know helps premenopausal say it helps vaginal dryness i said wait a second i'm totally against fashionable dryness i think i'm doing god's work actually i don't think there's a man or woman out there who's not against fashionable dryness only become a public service on it i'm doing exactly so but i've been the commercial head always tipper gore types with the high waisted denims on their shaking their fists when did this air i missed in in one thousand nine okay okay ninety eight ninety nine somewhere around there two thousand so i remember that and the other one was daily steamer rock ages movie okay we're the pm or c type organization their song they sing at tom cruise stacee jaxx is we're not gonna take it and protesting rock music i said this is the definition of irony here did on the filthy fifteen didn't did you were on celebrity apprentice trump use it trump did trump using it on his campaigns campaign at the beginning yeah he threw his credit called and asked and i was like we were friendly and i said hey man saul's about rebellion raising hell go for it and i think it was seriously going to become the president and then about three months in his his we when we had dinner and drinks and and but you don't talk about politics when you're hanging out socially and all of a sudden is belief system started to come out and file.

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