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So couple of very important events sort of during this period of time leading up to this game on move find we we'll get to it. The the NFL in the AFL announcing effectively in sixty six right that the merger was eventually going to happen circa nineteen seventy or so seventy because that's when the TV contracts will expire. Yes. So how much did that kind of change the dynamic in both the AFL the games the jets? It's perception in New York, for example, versus the giants. I mean, it wasn't instant credibility this merger announcement, but it certainly set the tone for when arguably should be a somewhat of an equilibrium, right? Equilibrium that I thought existed was that if you pick up the New York Times from those days, and you pick up the Sunday morning newspaper that they would be a headline that the type that would say something like giants play the eagles today in the jets hopes patriots. So we're getting equal billing on the top headline. I don't think that the jets were really treated all that respectfully, I know they weren't by the players the players to a man complain to me about they make personal appearance. Get a third of the money. The giant player got for making the same appearance. And the giants giant owners, you know, that they wouldn't let Marty Glickman who was broadcasting the giant games give a jet score even after the merger announce they just want. Let him do it like didn't exist. So I don't think that really came to pass. But you bring up an interesting thing about the merger. Sunny were blend and Al Davis who was running Elton raiders at that point sixty six day did not wanna merger didn't wanna merger primarily among other things because the jets and the forty nine just on the raiders and some of the other April teams as well. We're going to have to pay an indemnity to the New York Giants into the San Francisco forty Niners because the Jetson Oakland had quote, unquote, invaded the existing NFL. Territories and Eubank Davis. Both told the other AFL owners when it came time to vote don't vote for merger now in a year in NFL will be paying us to merge because when they when we take players away from them, which the AFL good Davis damage signed John Brody for the AFL he signed Roman. Gabriel he signed. Mike ditka. And others ready. Go to American football league big contracts, much bigger than they've been paid in the NFL. And that's when the merger really, you know, got pushed right up to the front burner. Because already the NFL owners had realized that name it signing had caused all the teams in the AFL at some of the teams in the NFL to pay what were considered outrageous rookie salaries and it completely wiped out the NFL salary structure. They were giving the best rookie talent. Like Bob Lilly of the Cowboys. I was told he got twelve thousand dollars and small bonus to sign with the Cowboys. And he was about as fine defensive lineman. As there was you know, in college football got time gale sayers, I can tell you. He only signed for twenty five thousand dollars with with Chicago Bears. The just ready to try to sign up from..

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NFL, AFL, Jets discussed on Good Seats Still Available

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