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Failed to pass a bill to protect millions of people who could be forced from their homes. On Friday night democratic Congress member Cory Bush who was once on housed herself began camping out on the steps of the capitol in protest. She stayed on the steps until Tuesday's announcement. In a tweet Bush wrote on Friday night I came to the capitol with my chair. I refused to accept that Congress could leave for vacation while 11 million people face eviction. For 5 days we've been out here demanding that our government acts to save lives. Today our movement moved mountains she said. During an interview on CNN Bush responded to the temporary moratorium extension. I'm elated and I'm overwhelmed. You know because just the thought that so many people right now millions of people you know will not be forced out on the streets. Meanwhile democratic Congress member is sheet of tlaib is calling on House Democrats to return recent contributions from real estate tycoon George Marcus who recently donated $1 million to the House majority pack just weeks before democratic lawmakers failed to extend the eviction moratorium. The COVID-19 death toll in Indonesia has topped a 100,000 after authorities reported 1700 new deaths today Indonesia's death toll has doubled since May. Meanwhile in Japan Tokyo has set yet another record for COVID cases reporting over 4100 new infections today in the Olympics host city. Here in the United States Florida Republican governor Ron DeSantis is rejecting calls to impose a mask mandate as the state set a new record with over 11,500 hospitalized COVID patients. Doctors say 95% of the patients are unvaccinated. Louisiana has reinstated an indoor mask mandate as its hospitals also struggled to treat a record number of COVID patients. American academy of pediatrics reports 72,000 children in the United States tested positive for COVID last week and 85% increase over the previous week. The academy estimates less than 2% of children infected require hospitalization. Here in New York City mayor Bill de Blasio announced the city will soon require proof of vaccination to dine indoors go to the gym or attend indoor entertainment events. In other COVID news The New York Times reports the Food and Drug Administration is moving towards fully approving the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine by September. Meanwhile former president Barack Obama has announced plans to significantly scale down his 60th birthday bash this weekend at the family's $12 million state in Martha's Vineyard due to the spread of the delta variant. President Biden and the entire democratic congressional delegation of New York is calling on New York governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after an independent investigation concluded Cuomo had violated state and federal law by sexually harassing 11 women including 9 current or former government employees. On Tuesday New York State attorney general letitia James released her 165 page report after conducting a 5 month probe. The independence investigation found that governor Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. Many of whom were young women. By engaging in unwanted groping kisses. Hugging and by making inappropriate comments. On Tuesday governor Cuomo defended himself against the allegations and rejected calls to resign. Members of the New York State assembly are now moving ahead with plans to draft articles of impeachment. The governors of New Jersey Pennsylvania Connecticut and Rhode Island also issued a joint statement calling for Cuomo to resign. We'll have more on this story after headlines. In election news Chantal Brown has defeated Nina Turner Bernie Sanders former campaign co chair in a closely watched special democratic primary to fill the seat of Marsha fudge in Ohio's 11th congressional district. Brown is the chair of the cuyahoga county Democratic Party. She'd received the backing of many establishment Democrats including Hillary Clinton and Congress member James Clyburn as well as the democratic majority for Israel PAC which spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on the race Nina Turner was endorsed by senator Sanders congressman Alexandra casio Cortez and other progressives in a statement Tuesday night Turner said quote we didn't lose this race the evil money manipulated and maligned this election. In Ohio's 15th congressional district the Trump backed coal lobbyist Mike Carey won the Republican primary defeating ten others. In Afghanistan at least 8 people died Tuesday when a car bomb exploded in a heavily secured area of Kabul outside the villa of Afghanistan's defense minister who was not home at the time. The BBC reports it was the first major bombing in Kabul and over a year. It comes as Taliban fighters are attempting to seize three provincial capitals Kandahar Herat and Lashkar gah. The United Nations report it's at least 40 civilians have been killed in Lashkar gar in 118 wounded over the past day according to The Associated Press the Taliban now controls 9 of the ten districts in Lashkar God despite repeated U.S. air strikes to slow their advance the Afghan army has urged civilians to leave the city before the army launches a major counterattack against the Taliban. Meanwhile Human Rights Watch has accused the Taliban of summarily executing soldiers police and civilians who've been detained during its recent offensive ahead of the U.S. Military withdrawal which is scheduled to conclude by the end of July of August. In Greece thousands of people have fled their homes as wildfires rage uncontrollably in the northern suburbs of Athens amidst Greece's worst heat wave in decades. Greek firefighters are battling 81 forest fires across the country as temperatures soar to a 116°F. Meanwhile more than 16,000 people have been evacuated in Turkey which has been struggling to contain scores of fires over the past week. Police in Ukraine have opened a murder investigation after Belarusian activist was found dead nearest home in Kyiv. Of body was found Tuesday hanging from a tree in a park. Shef was a vocal critic of the Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko and helped provide refugee to Belarusians who fled the city. The country. Lebanon is marking one year since the devastating explosion at the port of Beirut killed 218 people injured 7000 and destroyed or damaged 300,000 homes. Lebanon is now facing its worst economic crisis in history. Meanwhile no one in the political leadership has been held accountable for leaving over 2700 tons of highly explosive ammonium nitrate fertilizer unattended at Beirut's port. A new report by Human Rights Watch implicates senior Lebanese officials for failing to protect the public. Culpability for the explosion still rests with those officials who knew the ammonium nitrate was being stored at the port and an unconscionable and dangerous manner and failed to do what was within their authority and under their responsibility to secure or remove it. Abraham racy has officially become Iran's new president. He's a conservative cleric and protege of Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. On Tuesday he vowed to fight U.S. sanctions..

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