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Founder, Rick, Australian Academy Of Hypnosis discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


To recalling what the truth comes out and welcome back to coast to coast recalling one of course is an internationally renowned hypnosis trainer author counselor founder of the mind motivations an Australian academy of hypnosis he is an expert in special disorders we're gonna talk with Rick tonight about evil spirits hypnosis and exorcisms Rick walking back it's been three four years since your last on the program George Eliot thank you for having me he to not tell me let's talk a little bit more about what you do with hypnosis first of all in an area that has always fascinated me how did you get into the look life I first began when I was twelve I read a hypnotic into action in the spider man comic controller to my brother and it worked and from there it became an interest until nineteen ninety five when I went into it professionally and since that time of never look back with many different versions and variations of it to its normal was sign I've always heard that you cannot make someone under hypnosis to do what they don't want to do is that true that's only if you're not a well trying to hi I'm new at any any stage hypnotists worth their salt knows that that's not true that it's sort of profit out there by the academics and if that's what I like to believe then good luck to them but now it it it isn't true about twenty percent of people you could might do anything when the in jail for mind control programs are on George Estabrooks did a lot of experimentation with this in and prove that discredited that ferry completely there are Manchurian candidate south ident brick all definitely will without a doubt there is what they use them for I don't know if a P. down that road but I would say I'm definitely there is yeah let's talk a little bit about hypnosis and exorcisms have you have you come across anything like that where somebody was possessed or demonic the first time that ever happened to me so the answer the question is yes I'll be practicing for about six months and I was very academic using what was corner of sanity in hypnosis and little Irish feel pain with a mother and said to me look of the spirit gets me and throws me on the ground and rapes me in my bed and was showing me these bruises and what have you and I thought this is interesting a solicitor who the hell long since you came off your speeded diction and she looked at her mother and another said I didn't tell him anything and should come office the deduction a year early on and so I thought she had speed psychosis or printed notices and and in those days we used to count people down from ten nine eight seven six one three two one those on counting it down I I get so for now I guess is this voice comes out that was not a a young Irish will have already come from do you because I knew that I have a tag talk on all in all my god here we go and the only reaction I could have less it will want you brave getting into a little girl like this come on throw some furniture around and do some vomiting them what have you and she sort of bounced around in the chair a bit and made this growing so I'm not sure a mist coming out of a and it went through the air conditioning slats for the depressurized section on the clinic door and of that convinced me that I had to look at other alternatives of what's going on in the day to states of mind but it definitely wasn't the skill so it went away loss or a few more times in about a month later came back and started and knowing your again then I found the spiritualist that I used to use for these types of things after that it was a little bit too deep for me to handle and he fixed her up and it never came back so there is some strange unexplainable things happening with hypnosis all mesmerism that that can really be explained scientifically enough and what is the difference between hypnosis and mesmerism okay hypnosis grew from mesmerism which was bored and divide by friends Anton Mesmer who was very discredited in the seven a nineteen hundreds ms but never spoke with the injuries to transfused energetic transference and what's known as hypnotic fascination which is the look into my eyes type thing and from then on it it sort of became very distorted after ms Miller was was discredited and in his time on those a little miss Morrison magnets to surround such as Valentine great ranks and many others as well and that is from the half it sort of became of the whole thing is those of a British doctor by the nine of China's bright you went to see a magnet to scold laugh on the train in Manchester in the seventeen hundreds to discredit him and found that it worked and laugh on trying toward bright a lot of the the magnetic techniques but bride was terrified of what the medical association with side so he basically for the baby out with the bath water and set on it's all about words of relaxation and and the focus of imagination and concentration with mesmerism that was nice speaking down so that was a squatter surgeon by the name of James is dial who went off to India to work in the hospitals that and he use ms ms exact no word message and he did a hundred and seventeen document as limb amputations using mesmerism of nice speaking and had great success with it and he had a five percent mortality in post infection right when the usual going right was about fifty percent when the medical people said to him this is all of the imagination is say he was bright enough he said will to his association moly imagination in the world one stop the gushing of blood in the screening of pine when I removed the disease room with a sore so something obviously in it but it got this Intel down to words and a lot of what is hypnosis now would be better off this for this relaxation therapy if this doesn't get down to the the truth is not exercise I'm sure in your career Rick you've come across some really bizarre cases adventure I have tickets for what to be on the one you just mentioned what what are some of the others I worked with a young girl once who came in to to see me who'd been having seizures for a long long time and that started sure that had a baby and the baby was about four months old and she put the baby down to bed and she went a midas officers sandwich in the baby began to cry again so she went to settle a by being came back and she picked the sandwich shop and took a bite and had a seizure because the the the toasted sandwich the cheese was bubbling and from that day on she started having four or five seizures a week and she had every non medical treatment in the world to do with this and we tried everything and if we could minimize them down a little bit and then I read Brian weeks I had written a book called many lives many masks yeah that past life regressions and I'll never done one this was in the early guys listen would you like to try she she said she was so we gave this past life regression and she found herself in ancient Rome she said walking down the seventh who with her brother and she was a fake and I said to go ahead to the last day of that life and so she's chatting away in a quiet voice and she has a little most of what happened and she should some vendors switch asking us and I fell off a cliff and let's see where are you now she's on floating always colors the end of the the bottom line was from that day until this she never had another seizure again and yet we didn't talk about the seizures well she was having this experience or will before it was just something unique to try that what was interesting hi was in a motorcycle gang here this was in Queensland as I was alive and he was a six foot five are cool to live in the terrible and he came in one day and she was a little girl and he said to me might or could pick you up with one finger motion it well what would you want a really so I've done enough of us and I said what's that he said when when she has the seizures he said about put my hands underneath there are countless they're off the bed so something we it's got on here on the strong man so there's definitely influences out there that can affect us physically mentally and emotionally there's no there's no question there there's something there it was strange with the hypnosis I was of I was very academic or learned not to they are broke out of the model the cycle Eric shiny and if not a system affected the traditionalism then when I started to learn mesmerism which is the sole basically in Europe is other than that I don't do the verbal hypnosis they they use more mesmerism but after that I began to study ms Morrow in the school of medicine of for ten years now a lot of strange things began to happen which is quite extraordinary and a lot of the dance of talk about because people think you have made that that doesn't discount the fact that certain things happen and you just have to go with the flow if you will almonds and think well to me now I called unexplained science and these are real things to these things yeah look all all tell you I had a very strange experience I used to a lot of cancer work in Europe and I also visit Nisman's grave in music in Germany every year so I was doing some cancer was I was in Switzerland and account could lose son studying this very nice old hotel and I'll be working for ten days and I said to the the fellow that it's taken me over there I'm going to Germany tomorrow I'm going to drive over there this is it's a six hour drive and again this visit miss miss cry so off I went and I took an American doctor with me as well only when I visited the grad we came home that night that's back to the hotel and I woke up and was exactly two in the morning this is figure standing at the end of my bed and a black because of this and are small just nodding and I thought this is an interesting trains and then also not but I'm not training in Las Vegas just smiling at me in north little turn the lamp on the side and if I wake up in the morning in the lines on the sides and obviously it was real it's not that was a was an amazing lucid dreams did that looked up the figures go went back to sleep work have at I thirty in the morning and there was the lamp on the bedside table on the side so it's it's just or oracle we had stuff it doesn't doesn't bother me worry me it's just the way it is Rick are there certain people who are more susceptible to being possessed or having these demons attack them look I think the reality of that is a lot of people that have been for some extreme form is in there in in the very young age or people that have been really involved in drugs eyes I think that's a lot of the chemical drugs open up close you which if you will in the in the final receptors that and I believe other energies to come through and attach themselves to certain individuals that I can put a person into hypnosis someone stay down and that the state it can be asked if there's anybody else there and often you'll get a yes and you'll get a strange and I think it's like a past life regression and the the interesting thing is that these attached entities will often leave the they'll be quite happy to to lead them.

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