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These bags yeah and the media group this is latino you say i might get in a horse i introduced myself as a tornado fernandez you know and then then everybody's responses skin tone king tone as in latin king tone the kings are one of the most well known gangs in the united states they started out as a loosely form organization in the nineteen fifties but most people didn't know about them until the late nineteen eighties when they gained a reputation as a dangerous criminal gangs somewhere between then and now this game became something else something altogether different to start off today show we'll look at what happens when a violent street gang tries to go legit and the story starts in east new york brooklyn with antonio cassese in those times as the black where seven buildings were burned or abandoned and to a functioning it was hard to survive although his neighborhood in brooklyn may have been a tough place until you grew up in a fairly stable family the reason with the idea that because he was the boy he should be independent of course you know latino families you know that it was a famous saying the women stay at home in the mangoes take care business street not that it's bad we go hustle we do the work and my father was very much work legal working when i go to work and they cleaning the house they doing the house duties you do your boy duties in goal den haas of with the boys play baseball while his father was at work the guys on the streets became his male role models and i just looked up to him so much i need a big brother and those big brothers they weren't the best role models reporter sam anderson picks up the story antonio became a runner for local we dealer and it turned out he was a lot better at dealing drugs he was at school he was struggling with the english language and he had a hard time fitting in with the black kids and the.

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