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Not america. Six. Blue's win tonight. I love blues win nights. Those are the best night's. I wish we had more of those. So the latest with the government shutdown and what's going on there? We're going to talk about that a little bit this hour in don't worry. You'll get your tax refunds little update to county prosecutor Wesley bell. He went to Facebook to set the record straight. But county police are still worried as you heard in the Cambridge news update you can find a game dot com as well. President Trump made the announcement earlier today says I am pleased to inform you that I will address the nation on the humanitarian and national security crisis on our southern border Tuesday night, nine o'clock eastern, eight o'clock central so tomorrow night. We'll have the ability to weigh that speech. You think there's going to be an emergency declaration? Do you think he's going to force the hand to get the wall built excuse me, the southern border barrier? They they're afraid to use the word wall anymore. They feel like there's too much stigma associated with if they're losing in the polls wall make it a southern barrier. That's a lot more. More friendly. I guess barrier. Did you know don't put up walls? Put up barriers sounds like a hedge doesn't it puts a really nice hedges on the southern border. That'll stop him. Let me ask you. This is a state of emergency necessary is a state of emergency needed three one four four three six seventy nine hundred or eight hundred nine to five eleven twenty. Do we need a state of emergency for the southern border? There's a lot coming through on the southern border right now there is I don't think you can deny that. I think the big problem that we see is that the Republicans and Democrats number one cannot get along period. So it's bad as it's ever been. But number two, I think the Democrats realized that they have the White House in a corner. And then you have President Trump's ain't nobody puts baby in a corner. So I'm just going to do as a state of emergency. I'll just get it done some other way at a certain point when you realize that this is the only way for you to get something you say. See as an excessively in this case security at the southern border in you realize there's no other way to get it. Because the Democrats the world right now, the Nancy Pelosi's that are just realizing that they could milk this for all it's politically worth they're going to make the president enforces hand to do something like this because they think it will put them in the best political situation. It's just politics as usual. So if you actually believe the southern border needs security as in a border wall, a border border, whatever it is. If you think that is necessary. Is there any other way to make it happen at this point when you know that the other side is going to be playing this game? And they're never going to give you the funding for it. It's a it's a tough spot. There's.

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