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Camp so they just shoved steve sampson in that when borough left to go for his next world cup challenge after ninety four they needed an interim coach steve the only guy around he was the only guy willing to work for pennies he became the interim coach i'm well an interim kind of rolled off a series of stunning results the like which americans is still is never had so they were forced politically to give him the job the nineteen will cut was a was a humiliating zastava which you may remember if you watched it the iran game the great satan game where the us were humiliated with the world watching he took steve is fired over zone depending on who you are shortly afterwards and his career to me it's always been live backwards is linked in page starts with a big job the national team us suck job and then it slowly kind of gets larry larry larry till he's at a at a nice colleges solid college but it's somewhat of a footballing backwater and he's still haunted i mean he talks about it quite openly by two two movements from the american story still i asked him does he does he think about them and he said i still have nightmares the still night on a recurring basis where i wake up on recalled to to in particular listeners to the podcast actually find out what they are but this is a man who twenty years old is still wrestling with the decisions that he made how they came back to him and the decision you made particularly about john hawkes arguably the most experienced the most kind of vocal us player who kicked off the team for personal reasons and eric wynalda said if i was him he said steve ultimately with a man of value and in sports particularly soka men have value they don't make the best managers and that's that's truly a ultimately keep wrestling with a my the queen delasin i learned that i'm most trying to grapple with in the wake of this thing in sports of value is of principle is one thing but a good manager is often the complete opposite it's been a pleasure sir the podcast is a triumph thank you for speaking with us about it and we hope you get many downloads for american gasco and.

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