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Everybody has been interviewed in. Our team is GonNa hit the nail on the head over and over about you know it's just time to work. Signed do our thing instead of talking about it. This is the Earth media thing I've done just. There's no need to be talking about it to do it in right now. It's kind of movement in silence. Which Steiner from me? That's how I used to do it before getting on a bigger stage so I'm happy to get back to those roots like I said earlier. Give back to the fundamental where I can accomplish the bills season coming now. He finally listen to me. No commercials no nothing. Don't challenge anybody in the media. Just shut up and play football and you WANNA YOU WANNA put people you want to put them in their corner there. You can do that by playing great football you can shut everybody else up by just playing great football. You don't have to talk a good game. You must play a good game. This the most important year of Baker's career because this is gonNA decide if the Cleveland browns are GONNA go. Hey this is a guy. We're going to sign to a second contract here. You got offensive line help you gotTA TIGHT END TIGHT END. You got your wide receivers. You got two running backs here. No excuses here. No more excuses. He should have A. If he doesn't have thirty touchdown passes. He had a bad year this year. They are a playoff team. And he should have thirty touchdown passes and if a taking back to what he did is first year when he how he played in college that will be very important for Baker. Mayfield very important. But be quiet. You didn't earn anything now. You can prove it and then you could get that second contract but the more he talked the worst got the more challenged people the worst had gone. Just just let your play. Tell everybody what it needs to because believe me it will. Yep I completely disagree with as Baker Mayfield. Got To where? He is a heisman. Oklahoma football eleven wins first round. Pick his rookie of the year. All by being brash and in your face is feeling a year from now. We're GONNA here Baker Mayfield. Say I gotta get back to being me. I gotta get back to challenging. People get in people's faces last year I try to go to a shell and let the media control me. That's what we're going to hear a year from now Well it didn't go well last year when he was Baker Mayfield and it certainly helps when you're at Oklahoma and you're playing those defense is yeah. Yeah a all of a sudden you look a whole lot better their NFL. Humbles you man humble you? That's what happened. Good Story Underdog Story and all of a sudden go. I'll look at Baker Mayfield. He's been great the second year. We got Odell Beckham..

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