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You gotta give the promo code early. We're getting you still. I I use promo code lights t. s. ten dollars off. Ken, Jack, what do you well you're you seek, but what would you have used your promo code on since I missed out on seeing the Jason Alexander and or was the other guy that Atlantic City the poster effort? I think I'd wanna go see Bill marr performed standard. This curious, oh, how bad it would be God. He is. Hi, I'm Dr. Yeah, terrible. They most smug person in the world. Fucking asshole. He's one of those people like I don't feel comfortable calling is just because a guest stuff and all that. I don't feel comfortable calling a lot of like like on a public precise, he Like he saw. saw. Talks man, straight up, man. All right. So you the Bill Maher show. I can Jack has been telling me a lot about this comedian. So Ken Jax got the headphones in, come over to him at work me like, what are you listening to stand up? So I wanna go to his favorite comedian. It's the interest, anchoring which Kansas on February. Ninth, Jeff Dunham, the fuck you. You're always, you've always got done amend, man. You're always also. Lot, and it's always been a, not a positive. In dinner for schmucks. Yes, that's a good point way back to movies. Also. I almost wait what. The with the puppet wife. No. Really? No. Was it? Yes, it was Jason today is dude did no thought today is brought him. I swear Jeff Dunham was in that movie, no, Jason today, the puppet master get the fuck out here where we just talking about this in the office the other day, not I, but the movie he was in dude, it's gyp Dunham, literally holding the puppet right here does not Jason Seixas hole on Hawn. I'm looking up. Hi, very positive dinner for schmucks. Lewis. Ventriloquist Jason stick. Jeff Dunham looks like Jason today. 'cause then. Recently. I thought very to go, Dan, I didn't know Jason's today. The me seeing Jeff Dunham because puppets stupid debt Yuda, Jeff Dunham's made a lot of money with this puppets men. Have you seen any of his standup routines? Yeah. And so is every old ever and every old loves Jason Dunham? Well, the the guy who made a killing is the guy who won America's got talent Terry fater. Millions in Vegas millions. It's not. Yes, Danny Gans Scekic just download the key cap and enter promo code lights today. That's promo code lights for ten dollars off your first seek purchase..

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