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Pay. Hey we've about-face but face it up and flips lists but flips works for us it flips can have whatever he wants nice to flip let it just gets us. Scared of the platelets slips is a part of our family he can. He can eat whatever he wants. All right we gotta get into the three things you need. We're so we're so possessive over. Our food was going into the three things we need to know. What's going on the Environmental Protection Agency says that Salt Lake City has the worst air quality in the US? Last I find that surprising when I would've thought right here. I smell it every day but no they say that the air quality index is over one hundred fifty which is unhealthy for everyone. Some schools were even Letting or making kids stay inside for recess. Yesterday federal health authorities also linking tainted lettuce from central California to more than one hundred illnesses. So they are warning you make explore you check the label on Your Romain Lettuce. And if it's from Salinas California get rid of it because they can't guarantee it doesn't have any coli or other food. You wonder how this happens every time you go into a bathroom in a restaurant and says employees must wash hands. Some employees didn't wash his hands. That's why you're romains tainted back to you. Gandhi and finally this number is staggering. I think how many days a week do you think you wake up in a bad mood seven I I asked me the question again. How many the days a week do you wake up in a bad mood? So he's the one skewing this number here is this Americans wake up in a bad mood three hundred days out of the year six seven days. You're waking up every morning in a minute later. I'm in a bad right. All right take a break. You have a one thousand dollar free money. Phone tap coming.

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