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Hello and welcome this is newsday from the bbc world service with lawrence full art and shaima in the next anger in nigeria at the level of politicians allowances some kid thirty thousand dollars per month also cutters obesity crisis with nearly three quarters of the country overweight benefits for young people in uganda building around robots sport coming up as well it was the top story bbc news with stuart mcintosh russia is considering its response to britain's warning of retaliation if moscow fails to explain its role in a nerve agent attacked by the end of tuesday russia's says accusations of its involvement are unfounded earlier the us secretary of state rex tillerson gave his strong backing britain saying he agreed that russia was probably behind the poisoning nine days ago of a former double agent the top democrat on the us congressional committee has accused republicans of capitulating to donald trump by deciding to end an investigation into russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election adam schiff said they were protecting the president rather than the country to singaporean companies have denied accusations in a leak to un report that they violated sanctions on north korea the two firms are alleged to have sold luxury goods including wines and spirits to the north as recently as last year president trump has halted a takeover bid for the american computer chip maker qualcomm he said the security concerns about the bid by the singaporebased rival broadcom which he said which said there was no such risk europe's largest detention center in west london has been accused of holding hundreds of foreign nationals unacceptably long periods inspectors found the men including asylum seekers and foreign offenders were kept in dirty prison like conditions a south african court is temporarily blocked plans by the power company eskom to sign twentyseven renewable energy deals unions argued they would lead to the closure of coal fired plants putting thirty thousand jobs at risk and pushing up prices kata is to become the first country in the world to screen all adults for type two diabetes almost one in five people in the gulf state have the condition twice the global average the government is trying to tackle obesity about seventy percent of people there are overweight or obese bbc news.

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