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It gives us hunters something to do. I mean we've been kennedy gop and i. My laptop was in january. I usually we've got a a lease out in oklahoma. I usually go out there in february but a huge blizzard cold snap. That came in the week. We're supposed to go out there. And i'm like i'm gonna bail. I'm glad i did. Those guys hundred one day two days. Excuse me what. I was epic like thirteen copies in the day. An action a wet in the next day they move copy. Sound like i am then the next few days subzero temperature with you know minus forty degree wind. Chill drive out there for for that. Where in michigan are you I'm in grand haven which is just a little bit west of grand rapids. So aga all right right on lake michigan. You're born and raised in michigan right. I was yep abbas break- but raising mosquito which is probably twenty five minutes north of where i live. Now okay cool. Speaking of hunting season can be a little recap how was how was last fall in and ties into pike year as necessary but trips birds. Ah we're kind of highlights. you got. Yeah it was a good fall. We you know we started out the season tyler's place in shirttails hans and we'd locked out with the weather. It was one of those those big western forest fires in their kong for eighty five degrees and sunny every day. We often that they were going to get a couple of hours in the morning. That smoke came in and gave us like cloud it was. It was weird just at hayes but it kept the temperatures like sixty five degrees every day. It is son is weary eyed son was fully out. Just you know it was just not able to hit the ground. So we hunted every day and hunted howard and moved a fair number sharp tails and a fair number hans and.

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