President Trump, Kellyanne Conway, Leaker discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


She and the president call fake news. And that she was trashing Jared Kushner, Ryan's previous Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer, SIMS writes, that Conway also recounted private conversation. She had with the president and talked about him like a child she had to set straight. We reached out to kill and Conway for reaction or a statement have not. Gotten a response legendary reporter and anchor Sam Donaldson covered the White House. Of course for decades for ABC news. He joins me now Sam every White House has leakers as you know, better than almost anyone. How often is such a prolific leaker in such a high level position? Well, I've not seen anything kill an Conway. I mean, she and the president are symbiotic and their relationship. They look at the mirror. They see each other. They're both narcissists. They both want all the kind of media's spotlight on him. They don't mind trashing. Anyone? She tries to morning Joe. For instance, another example, he tries to people and they both lie. What more do you want? Now in leaker though, you want the straight stuff if you're going to publish it. You don't want wanna pass along something. That's not right. So Kellyanne has to be very careful, and when she covers herself by saying, well, these are alternative facts, not alternative facts or alternative true. Do can't buy that. If President Trump hates leagues as he claims and Kellyanne Conway is a serial leaker. I guess then why she still there? I mean, either he doesn't believe she's a leaker or she has some sort of tacit green light to do it. Even if it includes bashing his son in law. No. But she looks good things for him. Good. Thanks for him. He hates leakers unless they're leaks that he wants, right? I mean presidents are all kind of alike, the others too. They all Ronald Reagan set up to my keystone leaks. But he didn't mind if the leak really serve the purpose of administration. So I think that's okay. Why is she still there? He likes her. And as I say, they have a relationship. That's. Well, Mongoose and Cobra. Who's in Koper just just in terms of where we are with this shutdown and the state of the union you cover. Reagan speaker O'Neill, you covered Clinton speaker Gingrich this relationship between the president and speaker Pelosi it really seems to be kind of in a league of its own. I think it is. I mean, he's used to having his way the president is he's used to ruling over people. He's used to demanding things and getting them. And he's now met big Tommy devasundaram daughter big time. It was the last big city mayor of Baltimore. He had an eighth grade education. But he taught his daughter Nancy and his other children about politics, and she is made of steel, and she's not going to give up and I think at so far she's won this fight. Now. We'll see what the president does I know some of their penalty if someone's been speculated he might just try to reach the congress and without a joint condition of good in there trying to get there. But I don't think he's going to do that. That would be crazy. He's not that foolish. Well, the guards have no what would a guard do when they can't admit people who are not admitted by the house of representatives and the Senate to a joint session and Sarah. This guy comes up with the golden hair. And it says I'm coming in disregard say, oh, no, you're not up calling the law. No, I it's. Situation that like that great riot in the East Room press conference after the elections. This fall, you know, the president created a riot among reporters and reporters joined in. We're human. I think of but it just something couldn't happen. I don't know what he's gonna do. He'll do something. You're right. He he'll try to be the spotlight, but he has the problem of appealing to people other than the base the base doesn't care where he goes. Or what he does or what he said. Yeah. But a lot of people do and that's important to is there. Anyone right now any kind of elder statement like a state statesmanlike, George Mitchell or Jim Baker who can bridge the gap or lease get the two sides seriously talking again, or does that type of figure just really no longer exists in Washington?.

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