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The anniversary one year anniversary of George, Why assume we're going to celebrate it every year, maybe a national holiday or something like that. Because the Democrats, you know they Never let a good crisis go to waste like the January 6th riot. They had another riot. Yesterday, the Democrats did in Portland, Oregon, in Portland, Oregon, where they attacked violently attacked the police. Mobs of Democrats violently attacked the police again yesterday and last night setting stuff on fire, smashing things attacking people. I think the media just ignores them now they don't even tell us that they're mostly peaceful. They just ignored them all together. It's a It's a remarkable time. It is it is to be sure. Now on the anniversary, they're all kinds of Up, for example, one year yesterday since George Floyd was tragically killed on Dad. After five terms. I believe in penitentiaries for various crimes and Polluting home invasion, holding a pregnant woman at gunpoint, pressing the gun against her pregnant belly. And you know things like that. Everybody does that right? Little slip every now and then. And Stephanie is the hero of the story. Tragic death nonetheless. And a terrible, terrible thing on Danette, her hero of the Democrat Party who was like Freddie Gray, the heroin dealer, and Michael Brown, who attacked the police and the list goes on and on their heroes, Heroes criminals. It's kind of a murder and the cops are always the bad guys, you know, see the Rolling Stones. Every cop is a criminal in all the sinners saints, But let me get to a couple of things because this came up yesterday to now since George Floyd and if if the crime levels of 2020 Are any guide, and they are on board. Crime has been skyrocketing since 2020 ended in 2021 began, but homicide rates in city after city after city across the country are skyrocketing Carjackings shootings. Sexual assaults. All kinds of crimes are skyrocketing around the country on the news media doesn't penned the Democrats, but I repeat myself, don't pay any attention to it at all. And they don't you know they love death. More than more than you love life. In Minneapolis, for example, where George Floyd died, where he was killed. Homicides, Airway up, Way, way up. And in fact, Al Charlotte and was there a couple of days ago for a photo op and shake down get some, you know, fill his pockets with other people's cash, and it was pointed out by Heather McDonald in The Wall Street Journal. Yesterday. You put together a very nice piece pointed out some really important and fun details when that fun but important details. For example, in Minneapolis, a 10 year old boy named Blood Davian Garrett Jr was shot in the head. Just a few days ago. He's at North Memorial Hospital now in an induced coma. Because the 10 year old boy was shot in the head by some Gangsters who are Democrats right if he had gone to North Memorial Hospital, he also could have visited with Trinity Smith, a nine year old girl who was shot in the head in Minneapolis. Also, they're both African American. They suspects in both cases are believed to be African American. The homicide rate in In Minneapolis has skyrocketed up 108% on there was in the meantime, there was one up 108% the homicide rate in Minneapolis. Shootings are up, 153%. There was one African American shot and killed by the police. He was a gunrunner who was involved in an active gunfight with the police when the police shot and killed him, I you know, I assume LeBron James will send out a nasty tweet saying you're next. To the place that that shot him on DSA. So Minneapolis is not faring very well in the context of all of this all of this crazy stuff, And by the way in Chicago in New York and Washington, D C. Across the country homicide rates are up. Shootings are up, Carjackings air up. Andre Crime in general. Virtually all crimes are up all over the place in New York City. Homicides are up. 22% Chicago Up 22% in Atlanta up 50% in Minneapolis up 113%. In Oakland, California Up 132% in Portland, Oregon, the homicide rate is up 800% toe actually, slightly more than 800% 800%. Now that's because last year they had, like four murders, and now they got dozens of murders that that matters. It's still based on the population. An increase of 800% and the news media doesn't cover any of that. In Minneapolis, homicide's again up 3100 and 13% Violent crime is up 15%. They cut police funding by $8.8 million and they have lost nearly 200 police officers. In the last 12 months because they're retiring early, quitting the police force and so on. So this is what we call a Democrat Party Success story. This means they have achieved their goals. This was what they set out to accomplish, and this is where we are. Okay, so when you ask, and it's it's rampant. It's coast to coast. It's in major Democrat controlled cities across the country. The crimes being committed are overwhelmingly become being committed by Biden voters and Hillary voters and Obama voters and are overwhelmingly being perpetrated against You guessed it people of color this proportionately so and Al Sharpton doesn't say anything about that. It doesn't say anything about the eight year old and the 10 year old. Excuse me, the nine year old girl and the 10 year old boy that were both shot in the head in Minneapolis. And he went there for a photo op in their own laughing, imposing and standing on stage and getting rich and flying it on private jets. To collect the payday. So that's what we got going on. Now with that, Let's go to some audio. Michael, Let's go to sound bite number one at the White House yesterday, Gen pus AKI was actually asked by a reporter. Believe it or not. Must have been from, you know, not ABC, NBC, CBS Washington Post kind of organization asked about the epidemic of crime across the country, and this is the way the president's spokesmodel responded..

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