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Trump university meets headline was trump wants all teachers to have guns trump wants teachers that have got underwent teachers have guns i won highly trained people that have a natural talent like killing a baseball or hitting a golf ball or putting how come some people always make the fourfooter and some people under pressure can't even take the club back right some people can't take it lepuc and you don't know what it is the those words are in or those words your hard to train for but you wanna hang up on our bones great those words are hard to train food he easily explaining peak performance y you interrupted those words to chain for this super had to train for like look send people get nervous when the taking a putt some people get nervous when the facing someone with an air fifteen in a deathwish we just need someone who has the natural ability to dealer that you you have to isolate those people so what we're going to do is also an enough his be ten fifteen twenty percent how many in custody ladder money it's going to cost a lot of money that we're going to isolate those are gonna find those people the deepseated psychological profiling of everyone in every school everywhere and then we're not going to pay and then we wag as it will be cheaper to your recipes you'll be great people where people know they're going to be taking it the bad guy has to understand that is a big price to pay when they mess around with a student you can't just say oh we're going to heart nor schools were going to blow smoke into the room.

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