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Those Bill Gates complete without the go to all TV's the L. G. always get perks up is the number one the views twenty nineteen they'll deal with the nine for ATV over billion recall is beautiful study I would you could see it right out deleted gorgeous vocals I don't know how big drive off the actually the part with the proper seven Finnish TV and gorge check about L. D. dot com for more information I guess I am often amazing that you memorize all of that this really is broke one of my I don't believe so welcome to memorize musical different nations the game call game one bell the minutes it's and I move on the they're all great products a bus you chop lady nine hits all goodness it will mark a lot to get it to in the in from a football perspective you know pats in a you know take on the giants they could be rainy and windy Foxboro not this really break down I keep are you concerned at all about this patriot offense well for what reason it's just because well because the the I mean Brady doesn't look as he does he he he yeah I I've seen some instances this year were throws he usually makes that he's not making with the same consistency as a year ago or even two years ago I I don't I the defense is fantastic I mean maybe I'm wrong that's always asking you more do they are is there any reason your pap and to be concerned about this offense well I would I would you say that I mean every year with a new look patriot it's something different right every year and normally you know you get through the first month of the season and they've got two losses on the record million of both worlds for over here anyhow as the figure it out there's no coaching staff that does a better job of developing their players during the course of the season and so you know we've been trying to retire Brady for ten years now and he's still just the best quarterback in football so but I don't be concerned with that up and and there so like I said about developing going over the course of the season and one thing that's been consistent with them did you watch their players at the beginning of the year and then in the end the year the card is just get better and that meant to their coaching who the knowledge that they have would be a choir over the course of the season they're the third is the fat neck up football team you know it all football they execute better now won't block the view they will not just execute better than you might want to take the whole night and we'll end up beat and and it's consistent so Intel I. P. Brady just not being able to play anymore you know and the part be sixty when that happens I'll never bet against the patriots yeah he on that haze so mark about the Browns right so you know we were talking a lot early in the week moves tonight about kitchens about Freddie kitchens I mean you know listen to free right now to get all these weapons you know all the hype of that that has been around may field even since we came out you and stuff like that and everything I mean you think kitchens in over his head a little bit I mean give us a break down on your thoughts on on Freddie kids yeah well I think I mean I think there is any time you become a first time head coach in that game the other night between stamps Golden State Cleveland it was like you know Kyle Shanahan was speech in the high level four hundred class quantum physics classes pretty seasons with the with the introduction a group of followers we all look awkward because when you lose any DA right it's just like that that's what it feels like to be a part of it you know it being enamored with power the enamored with the wide receiver position being enamored with backed up you know in this whole off season when they when outlook wired OBG they went on why are you know more pieces to the puzzle one of things that went on notice that I talked about a lot as they got rid of their best in your office one is eight seven back and they should spend most of the time and I think what you know I want to know cold again please the last few would be dismantled the Carolina Panthers and I was really impressed with Baker Mayfield I'm off with you know with the ball down the football field you're not that time anymore and so when it comes to having protection issues the potential problems I think the thing you have to understand its protection it is as much about the office the widely used about hope and you know we like to go to the five guys up front in the war breaks out well let me just tell you that if you got that fifty Bucks on the game of forty five hundred games as you know that your class action of the you don't think your past protection up by Colin plays one in the fall giving offices wanna chances you'd recommend changes that Walter thank you don't see the hall of justice it's awful man and Superman and and whoever else you know the wonder twins who were worlds and all of that I used to watch cartoons Saturday morning in and they couldn't they can't walk but the one in this week but not for forty five times or whatever the case may be so your protection really comes down to me but having a plan of the coke and how we're gonna protect all but the one you have to protect our quarterback and that didn't get that doesn't cost about enough anytime there are multiple factors gain is not there's four five six at a game seven sacks and gain that much about is much about your cooking staff maybe more about coaching staff there is about your office want to know more we spend a lot time earlier that we talk about the skins you know you one there you know you were great plan for that Washington franchise what about the state of that skins franchise or where they sit right now well it's in that in their owners in mass and you know you look at the week right now I mean this is crazy when Mike Shanahan was cooking there and you know there's not in my opinion is circumvented and emasculate every code that were hired so I don't know why you you know I don't I don't know why openly expect somebody to be successful in Washington as long as that guy continues to own scene but after my training and put together on that that he had outstanding and he had shown the great he had not look for and Amir to different other guys in the office forty years in the park fast track to be a code is right now and you can't figure out there because the staff is good you can't figure out the next young head coach dynamic yes with the expenses that the but I will call image on the page he was thirty years old had gone to the rants on doing random names and I walked out of that meeting going to come up with nothing in my life that is ever met in my entire life and I will tell you this in this is this is while we thought this might be just because people will people who energize will when they walk into it if people energize room when I walk out of it and then he walks into a room and energize Africa will like you your record of what you were to go play easy dynamic young because you had need in your organization you had him on your staff and you don't even recognize it because you're too busy doing whatever it is you do which I have no idea what you do yeah I don't know we does either you damn right thanks so much got Richard Sherman all at balls all that stuff what he said you know it before the before the game on Monday night that bacon and shake his hand and you know where I'm going all this meanwhile in the being that guy just lie them Sherman lied and and it's like it's funny we were on the yes and moose was talking about some good points like it just goes to show that we as a kind of a football society already just look at but I could type because I want but we look at Baker almost in a negative light all the time and we just all believed that even shake this guy's hand I don't know what's worse that Richard Sherman line that we will just think the bakers like this truly does arrogant bad kid that you know I mean yeah what you'll take on the whole Sherman stuff yeah well the answer is accessibility Jake man absolutely going to know though only I think he's a yeah you know Sherman told the Bologna and and is obviously look bad and like what are they what about you not think that everything caught on camera I mean like a case in the world we live in I don't care where you go everybody's you know everybody's trying to collect news and everybody will forever got a cell phone camera but if you're doing Monday Night Football they got a family everything for crying out loud though I don't know what you were thinking on that and it why you would report back that that's ridiculous but it does go to show you the amount of victory all the players in people in general have a big may feel to the attitude you know there's not a there's not a single it seems like every commercial on television is is a bigger may feel commercial you know and it doesn't seem like you turned down anything this offseason and I gotta be honest with you I can on a I I look at the Cleveland Browns and look at the height of Israel all the overages come out of that franchise in about out of his attitude and I will route by up the honorable it is that I hopefully route again and I think the NFL players are I I know the local players who would say why we were shut that kid up and so on that you know that's for that you put your forearm your style in many respects and and you know still as much is rich German look like an idiot for doing that I thought the most of the vitriol both both big of a deal Hey mark we appreciate the time this morning will continue watching fox and it continued success and and good stuff with all the the home getting Mattel game tips we appreciate the time this one as long as you guys do well they got it there you have it in those big LG T. V.'s as well seventy five eighty eighty five inch TV sauce I want to get one of those giant ones like that size wanna talk to mark Schlereth about it I'm sure you can look it up what we gonna bunches garage right it means the and all these people is public upon what is the Amazon now you walk in the civil rights garage floor what size TV what I've got I've got two seventy five three nine and an eighty five I got the call and let me get out my measuring tape measure my wall what will fit in this room a mock if you're running windows via private yeah you read that back I like an LG TV marks Laura shows up in a highly what do you guys want this I want to map that would all you wanted on it he got a bracket yeah watch it with his victims but when I think of sitting stink that was it because you didn't he's the not washes jurors in Iraq he was in a sudden nasty office a laminate fall back is one of the last roll back guys well it's not me I'm on a one X. what Conrad doble Chris Conrad doble was like before his time but he knows we have see what number sixty nine yeah as dole and double was just a mean offense of dirty player you are just now have some updates that those dirty the physically dirty play but he was a nasty mean alignment you know yeah I I think that call can't quit now so we talk about a lot for the colts is similar to that you know I mean I agree I think Nelson's Iomega say this this'll wrath but I in they'll sins a better player the March Lawrence was he already does not yet no no I'm I'm but I don't I know you've been admitted as well I mean was a really good player I mean with Nelson and you're talking about a guy that instrument or compared him to John Hannah Hannah's detained and John Hannah you can would argue should be the best interior office of what one of us the ever and I mean so I mean I'm not trying to it I mean March Lawrence was really a successful plan was very bright overcame a lot I eat it how many how many surgeries generous sixteen seventeen surgery true to what I was saying was like as far as forget like ability I'm talking about that or all of that me okay maybe another guy could for when they're like not reaching **** beetle that Stalin yes I think I mean they're often salon forget about how good a band they are sure that mean nasty old Lyme inn though stroll back guys back in the day like a Conrad doble what I think and then a mark Schlereth and then I think of this and then the next generation of Regina cog needle yeah and then after that I think a quick notes could be that guy well Nelson's nasty that's what I'm saying but he also has the great ability yeah I know what's on your flow played misli but I get what you're saying in terms of the guy that's going to go and you really don't want to go up against them the defense of life may be is you don't know what he's gonna do nasty yeah yeah but they could not yeah not to be the same conversation with John Hannah as an office Lyman is just insanity I mean that guy was unbelievable unbelievable player and else it is crazy man yeah he's great naked the salt not he's crazy and his body them a glint she who plays for the forty nine nine is on the play would amend that what the Irish she sees.

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