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Kiwi I North Islands. It's six o'clock. Good morning. Voting by mail may be vital in the pandemic. So why did the postmaster general cut costs says the election approached? You'll face that question today in the Senate. It's morning edition from NPR News Coming up the story of Postmaster General Luis de Joy who turned his dad's trucking company into a big corporation and became a big GOP donor. I'm Steve Inskeep. I'm David Greene will talk to one of the Republican senators will be questioning the joint. Or asking voters what's keeping him up at night, And this morning, we go to the Navajo Nation to meet Deborah Vera's schoolteacher and single mother of six. Also a former Uber executive faces criminal charges He's accused of concealing a hack that exposed the data 57 million drivers and passengers. It's Friday, August 21st country musician Casey Musgraves is 32 theme news is next. Live from NPR News on Corvin Coleman. Postmaster General Lewis to Joy appears this hour before a Senate committee, NPR's Windsor Johnston reports. His testimony comes amid accusations the Trump administration is trying to undermine mail service ahead of the election. Even though D Joy has temporarily suspended recent changes at the Postal Service, including cutbacks in overtime, both Democrats and Republicans are concerned about whether the agency is prepared to handle a surge in Melun ballots. Many states are urging residents to vote by mail to avoid crowded polling stations admit the Corona virus pandemic. That effort has prompted President Trump to claim repeatedly without evidence that voting by mail will lead to fraud. Tomorrow, The House is set to vote on a measure that would block the Postal Service from implementing any additional changes that would alter service levels through January. It would also require same day processing for melon ballots. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS Joe Biden has accepted the Democratic presidential nomination at the close of the Democratic National Convention. He spoke of the online event, promising that if elected, he'll represent all Americans, not just his base of supporters. Massive wildfires continue to burn across a swath of California. Some of them have been declared complex incidents with several blazes. Combining the seas EU lightning complex in the San Francisco Bay area is forcing tens of thousands of people to evacuate. Remember station Rachel Myrow reports. Resource is air stretched thin, and firefighters are widely dispersed across many parts of this heavily populated region. This easy, you lightning complex is hardly the largest group of wildfires raging right now, but the terrain between Pescadero and Santa Cruz along the coast is particularly mountainous and dry. Most of the area hasn't burned in 50 years, and evacuees have to make their way out of the area on narrow and wind the roads. For NPR News. I'm Rachel Myrow in Menlo Park. A federal judge in Massachusetts will sentence actress Lori Laughlin and her husband, Mousy McGee, a newly today as part of the FBI's college admissions, cheating investigation. From member station WGBH in Boston, Kirk Cara Pezzo reports they could spend months behind bars. The couple has pleaded guilty to funneling a half million dollars through a phony charity to have their two daughters recruited to the University of Southern California crude team even though neither of them actually wrote Lachlan and generally are the most prominent among dozens of parents, coaches and other hired officials charged in the massive college admission scheme. The sentencing will be held on the line, and the court says it's had the increase its video capacity on zoom. Rick Singer, the ringleader behind the scheme has already pleaded guilty and is cooperating with the government's investigation for NPR news. I'm Kurt Cara Paisa in Boston. This is NPR. Live from Q E D news on Brian What? Good morning. There are fewer than 600 firefighters battling California's largest fire complex, the Ellen you lightning incident in the North Bay. This set of fires has burned 215,000 acres killed at least five people and injured several others. Cal Fire Division chief Ben Nickel says it's an example of how under resourced the state is in battling massive fires. Right now, we came into this event short on crews and to begin with and now with the fire activity across the state, they're even more at a premium. One of the fires in the Ellen you fires is just west of Healdsburg, an area Cal fire says It's now prioritising. You heard my colleague Rachel Myrow reporting for NPR a moment ago on a set of fires in Santa Cruz and San Mateo counties. Firefighters are also focusing on a group of about 20 fires along the eastern edge of the Bay Area. Called the EU lightning complex that has scorched over 157,000 acres since Sunday morning, and his 5% contained Cal fire says the Lightning sparked wildfires are burning across a vast area of rugged terrain in the hot, dry and breezy weather is adding to the challenge. Agency spokesman Jake Miller says that overnight humidity levels usually go up and slow down the spread of fires. That's not happening now, and that's making the fire burned for 24 hours a day and not really allowing firefighters to catch up or get in front of the plane. To first responders have suffered minor injuries. Evacuation orders are in place in pockets of Santa Clara, Alameda and Stanislas counties. I'm Brian, What news?.

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