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Ceremonial first pitch dodger stadium traffic from your helpful socal honda traffic center crashing culver city on the four oh five for about four or five at the ninety in this is taken away the corporal lane traffic is really heavy coming off the one of five southbound side slows down off and on pretty much all the way from bella vista heart us parkway giving in to pasadena eastbound three ten to four sierra madre earlier stalled car moved off to the shoulder but things are still very heavy from just about mountain street stay slow to about zuza eastbound side of the tenure seeing delays from city terrace drive off and on to zeus and he spent sixty already heavy commute from the seventeenth after the fifty seven freeway also things are heavy on the fifty five had an earlier crash up inside before the four zero five that's gone to things we're trying to recover from dire northbound side slows down from the four or five out to the twenty two kfi in the sky helps get you there faster rains are over and the warm weather is in and that means termites are out there swarming looking for a home to colonize in and you don't want it to be yours if you discover termites little wood shavings bottom your baseboard dot says termite crap you've already got damaging your walls man you need to help right now but it's nice to know if you catch them in early days or you don't have them at all which is why i'm suggesting you call pacific coast termite pacific coast termite does a superb job and they don't tent these orange oil and altriset to treat your home i've tended before it is a nightmare you don't wanna go there so call the folks that pacific coast termite they'll give you a free inspection if you need the work is ten percent off with a two year guarantee call eight hundred pacific eight hundred pacific pacificcoasttermite dot com i've been a customer of theirs for years eight hundred pacific pacificcoasttermite dot com recently the.

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