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Odd said let me make sure i didn't leave it out because i got folks i got folks listening to me on twitter and facebook and instagram and all of that whatever this is stephen smith show espn radio one to three pm eastern time every weekday seven i'm sorry ten am to new pacific espn radio two hundred and fifty plus markets across the country sirius xm channel eighty i want to make sure because i don't want home producers responsible don't owed espn responsible this talking just me i want make sure i'm fair great dead great husband great son great friend great basketball ambassador crate role model did i leave anything out data leave anything out is there a masseuse somebody who gives pedicured that i need to make mention because every time i say something remotely critical i can't talk about the man's basketball game i said he didn't deserve again be everybody losing their damn on james audits fifteen games better average in thirty has been a model of consistency and more importantly had a superstar who wanted to come play with him as opposed to a superstar i wanted to leave from play with him no dysfunctionality houston nothing but dysfunctionality cleveland but i'm supposed to lebron's as mvp hell no i'm not doing it lebron james is the best player in the world his numbers are great he will play a game tonight or tomorrow night and it will be eighty two games all eighty two games that he's played at the age of thirty three his fifteenth year in the league it is nominal.

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