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Well but how is that like growing up as Rodney king's daughter and pretty much the world knowing his name and what was associated and the the uprise in nineteen ninety two how was that just being his daughter you know if there's actually some little child but you know I can speak for myself and my sister's going to a public school and that being your dad you got to have a live this type skin because it was pretty challenging you know I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for that and now our ancestors Linda way worse than that so you gotta keep it going but it was challenging I'm not gonna lie and it wasn't an easy thing and how old were you Laura when when your father was beat by LAPD would you probably will have like with seven eight seven yes so at seven eight years of age you have knowledge of your father being hurt you know because I know my my kids would know of Daddy was hurt if they do you live with that all the way to your father's death and you continue to live with that did you ever watch the video do you watch it as a seven year old or do could you not watching into you are much older you know it's crazy I've never I've never been able to escape it I've been in situations every situation possible where just flashes up so I don't really you know I often don't tell people it's other people that tell people who I am so it's like oh you know I have to hold I have to hold it in you know until the proper time is to release the emotion but I'm going to show my dad because a lot of people know he was a hell of a man he was L. Matthews hello father he was helpful friend I mean you could think of it and I've watched him his strength always allowed me to keep going the way he handled things whether or not the media portrayed him differently I know how he handled himself and to me I'm just how could I how could I be if anything they know who he is when you go out when I'm no longer have to introduce me so it's like I see how he handled himself while we were out we never had intimate moments with my dad Laurie can you run the king's daughter in the neighborhood man we've all come right back with more of Laura king in the neighborhood big boy's neighborhood.

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