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But when things went a little bit south I thought that could Tukhy kids instead of Boeing their necks and fighting back. They all tried to do it on their own. And then there was some things that surprise me. What John did I would've started? All right, Nick, which just nothing to do with this game. It had more to do with. Right. They're going to start a Marquis bold. I gotta match up for him. And he's come so long. I'm going to empower him. That's just me. You don't get he's with everyday practice because I hate to make these. Assumptions that just me just from the days we were in in the Bahamas. I would've played right through retry gone, right? Williamson early. And again, that's again. That's just the one guy. That's different. Anyone else resign waves? Like everyone else we could have at least survived. And then I just thought that they all wanted it. Maybe they wanted to help so bad that the shocks election wasn't good. And the games. We did the Bahamas. Can you remember more than two or three shots that know how many tonight they couldn't they couldn't get a good one? I mean, it was more bad than good for Lyle. And I'm not saying, I guess bad is the wrong way to put I would say more Rushton uncomfortable yet. I mean, and that's what you try to do. Look people think there's no shutouts in basketball. Right. I mean, you don't you. Don't pitch a shut out. You don't play defense like the eighty five bears, and nobody could get a first down guy's gonna score. But the key. What you wanna do is? You wanna make the other team uncomfortable? You wanna make them hesitant? You wanna make an open shot feel weird and Duke did that and you said it before the game, you know, Mike wants to get into contesting it get into the ball pressure to keep the ball on the side, all the old style. Bob Knight's stuff going back really to his days. And army. I mean, that's the stuff that we practiced every freaking at Indiana and Mike was doing that with Duke, and it was refreshing to me to see young guys Seth young guys. Number one understand how to do it. And number two, not only do it. But smell blood in the water and turn it up a notch. I thought that was cool. I thought that was that was coaching that was culture that was these kids being just guys it understanding get basketball. You know? I mean, spun really fun. I think and I do think, but it means you're Pinon like all the international basketball these kids play on the different stages. They play you think about RJ Barrett and success with the Canadian national team think about designing Williamson tore of of where he's played, you know, basically trae Jones being the brother of a guy who's won a national championship at Duke who has even greater ownership. You think that helps guys get it? Yeah. Well, yeah. I do you know, I was reading an article Buzau Williamson and this was a little bit. Like wind guys were trying to run around looking recruiting. Lebron? You know, you go to a game. You can't get in. Let's get there an hour before. Because it's so everything everything these guys do has been big time. Right. I mean, they're not playing in gyms with six people. And but but to me to me with all that hype. It can go the other way too. And we've seen it go the other way with guys we've seen guys become petulant. We've seen guys become uncomfortable. But may look and then Seth Kentucky could add to the coaching element of Kentucky goes on. What is Duke do with it around? Get the ball in the middle. Look shot look down. Look opposite handle his own that's coaching. But that's being home in the moment in big environments into your. Point. I think one thousand percent all of that adds up for those guys to be able to play in whatever environment gets thrown. I gotta believe it's hard. It was hard for me going to Indiana. I practice right. Oh my goodness. That's that's not the easiest thing in the world. So kudos to them. And that was that was the show shows. It really was. And I'll tell you what you want is on those dudes the way they move Zion and RJ at defense, and then they can distribute it drive at move it..

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