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Defendant pizza it's still an assault bill and mornings from six to ten kfi john and ken show john kobylt and ken chiampou kfi am six forty so the latest news is that trump is signing executive order that's going to end families being separated the kids will stay with their parents parents of course are in jail which is not a solution because the children are not allowed to be with their parents for more than twenty days in jail that's the origin of this problem going to clear things up in twenty days whether they get deported or they get to stay or whatever i mean trump made the point at the end of that speech to say look goethe will lawful port of entry and claim asylum that way you won't be arrested they will get into this quagmire trump also says zerotolerance continues well can't both you can't have the kids stay with their parents indefinitely in jail and have zero tolerance it's not it's not legally possible and he's going to get sued over this second quarter but it's a stopgap for a few minutes anyway until maybe congress does something just to stop wailing the whaling by all the celebrity activists enough already you know what we got a nation of babies ignorant babies at that they don't know the law they simply don't don't anything they're hypocrites they're liars and it pervades everything now it's hollywood hollywood celebrities are jumping in hollywood producers it's like you're just flat out wrong you're wrong here's the law it's illegal to jump jump the border it is you get arrested for that you go to jail that's bawar that's what you do let's let's enforce the law now under obama in previous presidents family showed up they were just referred for civil deportation proceedings there was no separation and basically that's a court date to come back for well it's a lot of them didn't what they did though have is they ended up with a lot of unaccompanied children back in the obama days and the daily caller has published thirty two photos from the two thousand fourteen era when obama was president and these unaccompanied children were put into these detention centers looks a lot like the stuff we're seeing now it's exactly in fact there's photos and these are all from writers getty images i'm going to assume for the moment that they're real and they're in context if we find out otherwise we'll tell you but they show children handcuffed together they show children stacked up on blankets in in in bathrooms you you can see the urinal or tables in the background some of the children are wrapped in foil sleeping bags the wrapped in red cross cross blankets and there's just dozens and dozens of them they're laid up against each other like sardines and they're in they're in chain link fence rooms everyone's calling them cages but there that that's what you have to do i don't know how you not fencing the kids you can't have more wandering around there little kids this was because of dhaka twenty twelve was the first daca program obama renewed a few years later there was a surge at the border of either unaccompanied minors or adults with minors all trying to get into the us take advantage of dhaka they didn't understand they thought if you go to the us with the child that's the message got down to their countries then you're okay you'll get an amnesty from obama go smugglers told them that everyone was all good for the surge at the border wasn't clear to me though from these pictures these these are all accompanied miners because the daily caller story says that in some cases obama did separate families i would think you would have to.

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