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Right so the peace pact is purely and negative doc caimant it says no longer will states wage war as a way of enforcing their rights now what happens when that prohibition itself is violated states can exactly use war to enforce the prohibition on worthy had just gotten rid of that tool so the first idea hear that is developed is by united states secretary of state henry stimson henry stimson happened to have been the yell college classmate of salmon levinson two years before the invasion of manchuria levinson had sent an arctic gold to stimpson where he laid out what he called the sanctions of peace namely that if the right of conquest in the old world order was based on the idea that states have the right the legal right to wage war the outlawry of war should remove that right to engage in con qwest so stimpson delivers chew diplomatic notes to japan and china in january 1932 where he says that the policy of the united states going forward will be not to recognize any territorial conquests from hero annan and the united states follows the simpson doctrine but the league nations also adopts the simpson doctrine so already in 1932 just three years after the kelli grant packed the peace pact comes into force virtually all the states in the world renounce normally the the rights wage were put the right of states to engage in conquest but the league of nations does very little along those lines after italy invades ethiopia turns out sanctioning far off japan is one thing italy another the league collapses in the.

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