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At the <hes> aspartame plan in south carolina and told us specifically don't talk to the media they actually are hospital directors that don't talk to the media if they come in and they have this this knysna symptoms uh-huh which means polygraph panic brain damage optic nerve rightous <hes> cancer all kinds of things. Don't talk to the media because they're going to be something if you'll be impact actor exposed to aspartame vapors now they took e. coli insert a gene into equal gut bacteria bacteria to jerry peptide doesn't have a centralized interview senator for us off to try peptide. That's what's called an e centrifuge which means it uses electronics current and the atomic or molecular mass actually separate molecules to try peptide out the molecule basically is e coy are your poop bacteria pooping peptides that are basically neuro toxin in an abortive assiut and cancer inducing carcinogen and the fact is they know this and they've known all along and in fact they like it in fact and keep changing the name or they have new generations of sweden doctors like splendido which is i optical ice mercer or as assault an which is also toxic put in things. It's like a bottling company where ciders northern california. We've got ace cider almost no sugar that's because this is also a neuro toxic genotoxic and if you have a previous reaction aspartame and you started drinking splendor. You're gonna get recall phenomenon. It's just allergic. It's a narrow toxic phenomena relate to the spectral frequency effect spectral frequency of aspartame and sucralose is identical at foreign thirty eight point six hurts according to the equations last pauling the spectral frequency of salt and sodium cyclamate is identical two hundred ninety nine point nine hurts. That's a neutralizing frequency so if you don't have to understand ah body is being poisoned on purpose to reduce population reduced fertility and reduce i._q. This is not a joke. This is not by chance it's on purpose. Isn't it dr art religion doctor. Rhonda martini was matter. Hope not if somebody slaps you in the face and the right in front of your hitch with a baseball bat you know the guy in his routine his right hand. You know the perpetrator. We know the perpetrators we know even the data when we see data studies where the day likely fatal drugs loud people. That's the name that dr betty thought up years ago were or i've changed the name now to call the federal federal death agency the federal agency and we all know dr diggle said why did he do not want to license in this country. America's is both a doer of great good and great evil. American does more evil in the world than any other country on earth and currently is ready to put the deduction things and spread g._m._o. Food around the world world and spread of course toxic genetically modified foods. There's four countries united states canada. Argentina and brazil learns the gods with g._m._o. And people understand these toxins for example energy moto the mutating announcing over the counter medicines are prescription medications. They have to take early these are they said well. We have to add a sweetener because we've converted these news matt radical palestinian too generic generates have to have a sweetener no they don't and they add the sweeteners aspartame or something similar to it with a different name right and dr deal <hes>. Something comes the mine from everything you're saying. Do you think <hes> you know the colloquial legalese and how we define the words we use. Do you think that there's a component opponent of that in the way information is delivered because you quote scientists will say <hes> g._m._o. G._m._o. does nothing but because they're saying empirically in some definition of the way i understand it yeah it doesn't do anything but but <hes> ah downstream effects that using those loopholes because in in some sense it is it is true but i mean really it's not true. Do you think well i'll tell you what the problem is..

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