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It hurts these players. The question on the screen was, did MLS kill Kellen Acosta's European treatment? It sounds dramatic, doesn't it? But hurt, at 26 years of age, I think you can honestly say, if that window ain't close, it's getting close to being closed, right? You don't have too much longer after your 26th birthday when you can make a realistic move to Europe. And it's not like he doesn't want it. This is a player who has been very, very clear about what he wants. Back in April in an interview with the athletic, he said, I wish I would have gone to Europe early, right? This is a guy who's had the opportunity. You thought he might go from FC Dallas. You thought he might go from Colorado and neither of those teams were able to make his European dreams come true. I want to read you this quote though, because this is the one that as a fan cuts me the deepest. This is what kalanick has said after being a national team camp earlier this year. After being in the last camp, I know that if I want to continue being a national team player, I have to be in Europe. He knows he has to be in Europe to compete for a World Cup now. His window is closing not just to go to Europe, but to be a World Cup player for the United States. He's 26 years old and MLS right now is effectively taking that away from him. Are they not? Listen, you can't blame LAFC or Colorado make you blame the mechanisms mechanisms excuse me within Major League Soccer, but LAFC in Colorado are Major League Soccer. They are franchises. They just want to be just as LAFC fan, Seb, okay? What if you just call a rapid fan? Are you not beholden to your players? You're the player, the former player here are the clubs and not beholden to the players and what they want. What's best for their kids? It's not what they want. It's a business. And the problem here is these clubs aren't incentivized to celebrate. There's no reason for them to sell abroad. This $1.5 million in gam. That means nothing to me because I don't know what it means. What does that mean in a market value for kellan Acosta? Should Kellen a costume I get 10% of his market value? This was a regular league and let's say the price was 7 million. Kalinda Costa would have 10% of 7 million in his bag.

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