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Saving them for one time right now to play. We forgive Sorenson. Forget that we need Eric berry in there. Is that gonna happen? Are we going to get even one half out of him in a playoff game at home field advantage? Are we going to get one half at aired berry? Because I'm cool with that. I love the man, and he's going to be okay. Next year, but let's start sued realistic that what's going to happen. I'm doing taking off the air. Thanks so much. Go chief. Thank you for the phone call. To the answer of can they just cut out the bone Spurs fan potato the leg? I have no idea how any of that. Won't live. I don't know how surgery would work recovery time. I mean, at some point, someone's going to have to look at Eric buried, everything he's overcome. And one side will say, yeah, he had that time off when he was covering from cancer. But at some point, all these injuries are going to start to mount up and you're going, you're not gonna have the airc- berry that you want out there. You're going to have a shell of Eric berry Carrington Harrison news on here every week every day to two to six with the drive point announcing other. They were approaching thirty games right now we're getting. We're getting. We're getting close to thirty games that are at various now missed in a row, thirty regular season games. That is a lot of games to just show up as the last caller. Just described play in a playoffs and be effective. If he's if it's going to take that long is you're really going to be the berry of olds from thirty games ago. I, what are we? What are you doing? What are you doing? Third, I mean, think about that thirty football games ago you saw Eric berry. Is it going to be the same player and you don't even you don't know that note and that's why I think everybody has been putting this all berry comes back. They're fine. Who knows what Barry is going to be and what speed is berry going to be and how can bury hit somebody comparative Bob Sanders, a few calls back is this Eric berry going to be able to step up and stop the run like Bob Sanders did years ago and feel like it. Bob Sanders played thirty games ago potentially. It feels like I mean, I, I don't know I I wouldn't put my eggs in that basket..

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