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But I don't like to pretend. I mean, I think Reese Witherspoon really goes improperly produces thing. She finds she reads like crazy. She finds stuff she goes out. She puts it together. I think she is in there in a day to day way that I am not. And so I will produce in the way that makes sense to me. But I don't like to pretend like I'm. Something I'm not, right. So what does producing mean to you? Then I mean, put it together. And I read all the writer stuff than I ever been really involved in pitches in the outlines in the whatever. But I'm there's like there's another layer deeper that I that I probably could be going that I've passed off to other people Royd. So you do have doing more of that in the future though developing things can of being a bit more the past. I'd like developing, but I find that you can spend all your time developing or you can spend your time doing save the children. You can't do both. Yeah. And I would rather work for save. And I what I like is when someone nice like Reese hands me, a completed thing and says do you want to be in this? I see I'm I'm lazy in that way. I think to what is the plod where do you? What are you would? You. Imagine yourself going on to do or do you don't do that a plan to you plan? No. No. But I love asking other people that really never had a plan K ended. I didn't plan to move to New York. I moved to New York. It didn't plan to move to LA. I moved Elliot. I don't plan and plan anything. Well, let's see what is my plan. David will you after you finish yesterday? I don't know. I'm ready to be back on set. I do start to feel pull once I've been home with kids long enough. I find that word sounds, really lovely. Sure. Sure. But basically, you you live in the moment that you're living day today 'cause you're bringing up three kids, which is quite the moment. Yes. Really bringing up three kids. Yeah. And if I can escape and work a little bit Hallelujah. Well, Jen, thank you so much for having as lovely home. It seems like this podcast is coming to an end. I thought yeah. Yeah. You're reading the queues just gently gently. Is no midnight. So. It's ten ten quick started to panic. The clock will go up. I know it's time to go to bed. I have so many things I want to ask you you can do that. But we'll switch the bike phone. Oh, okay. Oh, isn't that? Nice. When you. Ask questions. Oh, you will come David. Thank you. David Tennant does uphold cast with is a something else. A no mystery production produced an edited by James deacon. Additional production from Chris Skinner Steve Ackerman. Sarah, comet Joe Gibbs, Dave king, Joel Freeman and Georgia Tennant. Next time what the nuns had with prostitutes. All costs you shit on three prostitutes. Right. And I didn't. There was different. There are different jobs. If you're a fan of this is us, we'll have I got a new show for you. We are we talking about the village. Yeah. We are not enough. You've seen the promos. But in one of them. This guy tells his wife, you're an organ in my body if you fail I fail who was only the promo and they got me. Yeah. When it's the full episode. You're going to be a wreck oh in loving every moment of it. And you won't be alone. Don't miss the premiere of the village. Tuesdays starting March nineteenth after this is us on NBC cry. Yeah. Yeah.

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