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So yeah, I think it's, I think it has been fine and has been, you know, kind of zippy. Yeah. Not bad. Snap in my fingers to make it to indicated zip. I don't have like an accordion to play, which is how you indicate zip if you're Italian. Accordion. I also wanted to note that Shohei Ohtani used former team than upon him fighters. The NPV professional entry draft was held late last week and the fighters drafted a two way player. Named koda yazawa and I'm just wanted to mention that just in case it turns into a story he turns into something you heard it here first unless you heard it somewhere else first, but this has been very rare in NPP even post Otani, there's not been any wave of two way players or anything, according to Jim Allen, I think this is just the second time post Otani that someone has been drafted as a two way player. And the first one was not even allowed to two way play. It was junior nishi of the hanshin tigers. He was drafted as a two way player, but then specialized even before his career started. So it's still very rare, but the fighters kind of been out of the box team and obviously they have the history of Otani and they have big boss Yoshi Shinjo as their manager. That's right. Yeah. He's not going by big boss, apparently anymore. He is retired big boss, he's just Shinjo again, but still quite a character. Anyway, they have drafted kote yasawa and I don't want to set expectations too high. He is not the next Otani as far as I can see. He maxes out, it looks like 94 on the mound. And I think I think he's only like 5 8 or something. He's not a big guy according to pictures I've seen and one bio page I saw. But they're going to give him a chance and they seem excited about it. Shinjo is quoted as saying when to know whether team named him, I jumped and shouted. This was in the first round. He was a star for Nippon sports science university, and he seems like he's confident. He said he's looking forward to facing the best young players there are more kami and sasaki. He wants to pitch and bet against them, respectively. He wants to strike batters out and hit home runs. So it seems like the right organization to be with. No idea whether he will actually persist into a player whether he will be a success. There's no other ohtani really even if you wet someone else try. I don't know that anyone else has the physical skills and the build and everything else that Otani has. But nice to see, so when we take a run at it. So good luck to him. Agreed. Okay, let's see here. I have neglected to do a step blast for a while here. So I have what should be a fairly quick one, I think. Something like the only one that's close and then the teaser takes you to discuss it at length and as it pours in a meaty way is to dance upon. So step blast, as always, is brought to you by the baseball

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