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As always. <Speech_Female> I end <Speech_Female> with a bad <Speech_Female> joke. <Speech_Female> Real really <Speech_Female> really bad so <Speech_Female> so bad. <Speech_Female> In fact i <Speech_Female> had three bad jokes. I <Speech_Female> had to pick one which was really <Speech_Female> difficult because they were all <Speech_Female> really bad. But that <Speech_Female> means that. I can save <Speech_Female> them for future episodes <Speech_Female> or <Speech_Female> you could <Speech_Music_Female> send me one at sp. <Speech_Music_Female> J. podcast and <Speech_Female> dot com. <Speech_Female> But here <Speech_Female> is this week's bad joke <Speech_Female> for you to share <Speech_Female> with all of the <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> people in your life so that <Speech_Female> they can grown at you <Speech_Female> the way you are about <Speech_Female> to grown at <Speech_Female> me. <Speech_Female> What <Speech_Female> do you call <Speech_Music_Female> james bond <Speech_Music_Female> in the bathtub. <Speech_Music_Female> <Speech_Female> What do you call <Speech_Female> james bond <Speech_Music_Female> in the bathtub <Speech_Music_Female> bubalo <Speech_Music_Female> seven. <Speech_Music_Male> <Laughter> <Laughter> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> I had <Speech_Female> to do that because we <Speech_Female> start joking. About <Speech_Female> bubble baths <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> bubble seven. <Speech_Female> <Laughter> <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Listen <Speech_Female> if you'd like bubble bath <Speech_Female> more power to you. <Speech_Female> I just get cold. <Speech_Female> Always <Speech_Female> so annoying <Speech_Female> on behalf <Speech_Female> of everyone here. We wish <Speech_Female> you the very best of <Speech_Female> reading. Have a great <Speech_Female> weekend and we'll see <Speech_Female> you back here next <Speech_Music_Female> week. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> <Speech_Female> Smart podcast <Speech_Female> trashy books as part of <Speech_Female> the frolic podcast network. <Speech_Female> You can <Speech_Female> find more outstanding <Speech_Female> podcast. Subscribe <Speech_Female> to at frolic dot <Speech_Female> media <SpeakerChange> slash podcasts. <Speech_Music_Female>

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