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Debut coffee and hats. We're talking about all this stuff we talk about here. And also like news, my other podcasts they did for southgate media including next up everywhere. The doctor who podcast which. Was On recently, talking survival from. Semester McCoy era, and then the female podcasts that do Jesse Jackson we're right now. We're talking star girl that's on. In the CW and that just got picked season to. Really, that's great. Yeah, so it's a fun little show and. So! It looks like we'll probably be talking more star girl eventually if they ever like restart Hollywood production again. And then. Of course, Titan Talk Titans podcast. Currently hosting with DJ Nick. Maybe you've heard of him. As we're talking to patrol season two, which has been last because he is, his enthusiasm really comes through as you probably know so. Oh, yes, Oh, yes, so! Yeah, we have a ball. Talk in that so. If you enjoy that. Please check out my podcast. PODCASTS definitely appreciate it. In the meantime next time I would. Episode Eighty. Can you believe really? Eighty, these letters and special features y'all exactly so essentially. This is going to be the. Criterion episode. As we go through the special features on the criterion release. And Booklet I'm sure we'll talk about. We're going to talk about the booklet. and whatever random thoughts we forgot to talk about in this episode here so we'll have rent. We will have random thoughts and I'll hopefully like. Zan mentioned that hopefully, some other people right in about maybe their theories on Mahal drive for sure so Please do please. Explain it to us. Yes, yeah, exactly theories because David Lynch isn't going to tell us. We have no idea you just listen to our pockets. You know we have no idea what's going on so. What explained to us, please. We really appreciate it all right so Thank you guys for listening. Zantac is always because you're fabulous to talk to you. Thank you. You're awesome to talk to you as well I really have fun and I love doing stuff like this with you. Everybody thinks you get and come back time. Criterion as we talked a special features right here, ghost with twin peaks podcast. good-bye everybody. into. Her On.

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