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Lafayette Park it up into it, including a stretch of K Street and most of constitutionality, closed and will be until after the inauguration above. Inler Wtlv traffic here Storm Team four's A million Draper. Temperatures tonight will be falling into the low to mid thirties for tomorrow. Mostly cloudy, mid forties, too near 50. With some lady rain showers impacting the region on Saturday. Mostly cloudy. Some scattered rain and snow showers, mainly later in the day. No accumulation loaded mid forties for high Saturday and Sunday. Partly sunny on Sunday, but breezy at times for Martin Luther King Jr Day. Plenty of clouds highs in the low forties and the chance for some snow showers west of the Metro Strong team before meteorologist Amelia Draper. Fort Belvoir has 39 foggy bottom and silver Spring or both of 44. Some of us could beat down to the low thirties like tonight. 7 10 on W. T O P. Montgomery County School Board will have to look for a new superintendent. The current school chief has announced he's stepping down, citing family illness. Dr Jack Smith. Montgomery County School superintendent announced he's retiring in the spring. In a video statement, Smith said he'll step down to join his wife in New England, where she's been caring for a grandson with serious health issues. Smith was hired in 2016. He signed a second four year contract in February. Montgomery County executive Mark L. Rich of former county school teacher Thanks Smith for guiding the system through a challenging time, including the covert 19 pandemic, and Smith said in.

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